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By Christine

After weeks and weeks of prep, we’re very happy to finally announce that our CFA Exam Insights e-book is finally published!

This is a one-of-a-kind book that will help you better plan and approach your CFA prep and ensure you’re better informed on what you’re up against. 

The team here have all been candidates before, so we’ve basically written an e-book that we wish we had when we prepared for our own exams. Forewarned is forearmed, so get yours today!

What is it?

Now in its fourth edition, the 300 Hours CFA Exam Insights (previously titled CFA Exam Analysis Report – we’re trying to shorten it!) has already helped thousands of candidates better approach and pass their CFA exams. It’s our guide to effectively passing the CFA exams by adopting the right approach to timing, topics, practice exams, and better understanding the CFA exam.

We know that the last thing you need is more stuff to read, so we’ve concentrated the guide and show our findings in concise graphs, charts and bulleted summaries. It’s the easiest CFA-related read you’ll have, I promise!


How does it help me pass the CFA exam?

You don’t have a lot of time to waste on CFA preparation, so make sure you are focusing your efforts on the right areas!

You’ve already got your materials. This book will show you where you should be concentrating your studies and inform you on how to approach and plan your preparation. With the right approach, you’ll find that your time and effort yields more effective results, and a better chance at passing!

It’s based on actual data?

Yes. CFA Exam Insights is unique in that it’s not just advice, but also supported by hard data and analysis. The data from the analyses in the book is from 3 years worth of CFA candidates – 2012, 2013 and 2014. As we’ve now gone through at least 3 exam cycles, we’re now able to observe trends and look for consistencies in our results.

Our recommendations also reflect our experience as charterholders, and also our years as 300 Hours writers and helping multiple batches of candidates become charterholders themselves.

A preview of CFA Exam Insights

What does it cover?

Through this book, you’ll learn:

  1. What will be the key topics for your exam and where you’re likely to have issues. As mentioned earlier, time and willpower is precious. Knowing what are the topics that matter, and the topics that are likely to give you trouble, will already save you hours and hours of possibly wasted time.
  2. How competitive is the CFA candidate pool. With our failing band analysis, you’ll be able to know how close passing and failing candidates are, and how this varies across the years and as you progress up the CFA levels.
  3. What scores should you be aiming for to pass your CFA exams. The CFA Institute doesn’t release the Minimum Passing Score, which a minimum score you have to beat to pass your CFA exam that varies from year to year. However, with our MPS analysis, you’ll get a good idea as to where this is, how consistent is it across years, and what our recommendations are when attempting your own practice exams.
  4. When is the best time to start your CFA preparation. We’ve outlined both the June and December cycles and where candidates start their preparation. We’ve also looked at how this correlates with pass rates, and whether this changes across levels.
  5. The optimum number of practice exams you should attempt. Looking at the distribution and average of practice exams attempted across all candidates, analysing across performance and levels, you’ll learn the optimum number of practice exams you should be attempting for each level (yes, they aren’t the same, and varies quite a lot!)
  6. How any financial background you have (or lack of) will influence your exam performance. For the second year now, we’ve looked at how financial background in work and education influences your CFA exam performance, and updated our conclusions to reflect the new data and analyses.
  7. How to successfully prepare for the CFA Level III essay AM session. Easily the most challenging aspect of the CFA program, we have a full section dedicated solely on how to approach the CFA Level III constructed response session (better known as the ‘essay’ paper). Drawing from the collective direct advice of successful Level III candidates, we make five main recommendations that you should follow right at the start of your CFA preparation for Level III.

Does it cover all CFA levels?

Yes, it does! The book is designed to advise and guide candidates across all levels. If you’re a CFA Level I candidate this year, this book will continue to help you through Levels II and III.

Should I get it?


Where can I get it?

You can download it right now through the button below. Get it, study it, and go forth better informed!

I have a question, and it’s not covered here.

Just drop it in the comments and one of us will get right on it!

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