CFA Discounts, Deals & Promo Codes

Here’s our latest list of CFA discounts, promo codes and freebies you need to start your studies right. It’s a great way to discover new, high quality prep providers, as well as save quite a bit on CFA study materials.

Whether it’s freebies, free trials or discounts via promo codes – we have them all. Check them out!

Kaplan Schweser Logo Free Trial
CFA Exam Prep from Kaplan
Kaplan Schweser
Test Kaplan Schweser's core study tools with a free trial, and see what all the buzz is about. Your free trial grants you access to our QBank, SchweserNotes™, OnDemand Videos, Topic Quizzes, and more.
Free 90 Day Full Access Free Trial
Free 90 Day Full Access
Move Beyond the MPS - We'll Show You How

- 2,000+ Questions & All Possible Answers Explained
- Customizable Exams
- Custom and Pre-filled Flashcards
- Mock Exams w/Prometrics Interface
Bloomberg Exam Prep Logo Free Trial
14 Days Free Trial
Bloomberg Exam Prep
Save 100+ hours of prep time with our AI adaptive prep, with 13,000+ questions and personal support by expert CFA tutors. Sign up to get a 14 days FREE trial.
Kaplan Schweser Logo Free Material
Free CFA Program Fundamentals eBook
Kaplan Schweser
Want to get a sneak peek at CFA Curriculum? This free eBook shows you how a past textbook covered the fundamentals of the CFA Curriculum so you get an idea of what the current book is like.
Free Level I and II Trial Free Trial
Free Level I and II Trial
Salt Solutions
Our two-phase approach to preparation includes exceptional study materials and assessment tools, including practice exams and a custom quiz builder.

Sample the platform with a free trial. No credit card required.
300Hours finance certifications hub Free CFA Guides
3H Guides to CFA Exams
Are you a CFA candidate? Our ultimate CFA guides will help you best prepare for the challenging exams.

Yes, they are all free! Get them now.
Kaplan Schweser Logo Free Material
CFA Question of the Day
Kaplan Schweser
Sign up to receive a CFA practice question directly in your inbox each day! Free daily questions will continue until CFA Exam Day. Start preparing for exam day today!
Finance Train Logo 20% off
20% Off Level 1 and 2
Finance Train
Study notes, practice questions and mock exams for CFA level 1 and 2 exam. Code GSTZN applied automatically through the link below.
Prepatorial Logo $30 off mock
Mock exam for less than $20
For less than $20, get a high-quality, challenging & realistic CFA mock exam. Full detailed answers, SurePass guarantee.

FRM and CAIA Discounts, Deals & Offers

Kaplan Schweser Logo Free Trial
5-Day Trial: FRM® Exam Prep From Kaplan
Kaplan Schweser
Experience firsthand how Kaplan Schweser can take the risk out of exam day. Access concise and comprehensive study tools at no cost with our 5-day trial.
25% off online FRM tuition today 25% off
25% off online FRM tuition today
Get instant access to FRM Part I expert study and exam resources including 3,000 exam questions. Join 30,000+ students who use Learnsignal to pass their exams and advance their career.
Kaplan Schweser Logo 20% discount
Save 20% on 2022 CAIA® Premium Packages
Kaplan Schweser
Now through December 3, save 20% on your purchase of a March 2022 CAIA Premium Package. The Premium Package includes convenient online instruction from CAIA experts who know what it takes to pass.
Valid until 03 Dec 2021