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CFA Passing Score for Level 1, 2 and 3

CFA Passing Score: Here’s the Latest MPS Estimates

28 Mar 2023

CFA, Exam Day & Results

[Updated for CFA Level 1 Feb 2023 exams - details below. To help our estimates, send your results PDF to results@300hours.com.] This article is about minimum passing scores. For CFA exam pass rates, see this article instead. IMPORTANT: Please do not use our MPS estimate as a basis to plead to CFA Institute to ask for a recheck. Our MPS estimate is an estimate - using our MPS estimate to contest your result won't get you anywhere. Your individual MPS may also ...

cfa pass rates

CFA Pass Rates: How Hard Are The CFA Exams?

28 Mar 2023

CFA, Exam Day & Results

[Updated for CFA L1 Feb 2023 exams] CFA pass rates are a factor in most candidates' consideration on whether to sign up for the CFA exams. If pass rates are too high, it lacks ...

cfa institute evolves

CFA Institute Evolves: 6 Big Changes to the CFA Program

26 Mar 2023


In the past few years, the CFA Program has undergone some pretty big changes. From a radical change in exam schedules to a shift to computer-based testing (CBT), the CFA Program has evolved ...

college for financial plannings ms in financial analysis msfa

CFFP’s Masters in Financial Analysis (MSFA): Our In-Depth Guide

26 Mar 2023

Career Advice, CFA

The recent pandemic has given us all the appreciation of working flexibly whilst still maintaining productivity and a good work life balance. This trend is prevalent in the professional education sector too. The College ...

cfa vs mba

CFA vs MBA: Which Is Better for Your Career?

20 Mar 2023

CFA, Career Advice, Exam Overview

If you currently or aspire to work in finance, and have evaluated if MBA is worth it to you, a natural follow up comparison question could be: CFA vs MBA which is better for ...

How Is The CFA Exam Graded? We explain the CFA grading system

The Complete CFA Grading Process, Explained

19 Mar 2023

CFA, Exam Day & Results

Have you ever wondered how is the CFA exam graded? A while ago I actually researched and considered applying to be a CFA exam grader. Although I ultimately decided not to apply, I learned ...

Frequently asked questions about CFA results

CFA Exam Results: Top 5 Questions, Answered

18 Mar 2023

CFA, Exam Day & Results

The CFA exam results day for the Feb 2023 CFA exams will be announced on 28 March 2023 for Level 1 and 13 April 2023 for Level 3. ​​Remember that you can track all ...