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cfa vs caia comparison

CFA vs CAIA: Which Is Superior? Or Do Both?

18 Jun 2024

CFA, CAIA, Career Advice, CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2, CFA Level 3

CFA and CAIA designations can appear very similar at first sight, as they both target investment and financial professionals. However, there are differences in global recognition, breadth and depth of topics studied, career focus and exam difficulty. They could even be a complementary set of finance certifications to go for, depending on career goals. For those who are unsure or particularly new to these designations: here's a helpful, straight-to-the-point summary guide comparing CFA vs CAIA, so you can decide what works ...

cesga certified esg analyst

EFFAS’ Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA): Our Epic Guide

17 Jun 2024


ESG investing is one of the big asset management trends, driven by the increasing financial relevance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors, better ESG data, growing investor demand and regulatory pressure. This is ...

discuss talk finance share market data analysis

Why Is ESG Important? Which Careers Benefit From It?

16 Jun 2024


Finance careers can be lucrative and open up a wide range of professional opportunities. However, it is also important to realize that specific sectors such as investments are affected by much more than ...

exercise and exam performance

4 Solid Ways How Exercising Improves Exam Performance

15 Jun 2024

Study Motivation

I got into exercising a bit more a few years ago. While I’ve now become a lot more sedentary compared to my fitness peak, I still maintain a fairly active lifestyle, if I ...

is cfa worth it

CFA Value: Is CFA Worth It? Should I Take It?

14 Jun 2024

CFA, Career Advice, CFA Level 1

Is CFA worth it, especially considering the 1,000+ hours you need to complete all 3 levels over an average of 4 years and the relatively low pass rates? What are the benefits of ...

decisions which way

Best Finance Certifications: Our Top List

13 Jun 2024

Career Advice

We’ve had interesting discussions about CFA vs. MBA before, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. However, that’s not the only alternative qualifications many of us consider in our pursuit of career advancement. With the various finance professional ...

how to manage study with full time job

8 Easy Tips on How To Manage Study With Full Time Job

12 Jun 2024

Study Motivation

Most finance exam candidates are studying and working full time. Luckier ones have employers’ support in the form of study leave and exam fees.  What about the rest?  How does one cope with having a demanding ...