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best cfa study material

Decided to take the CFA exams? Welcome! 🙂

Quite often, the next question becomes which CFA study materials should I get, if any? One of the main benefits of third party CFA study materials is that they help candidates save time by summarizing the Learning Outcome Statements (LOS) you need to cover in the CFA curriculum.

With so many product choices and studying methods out there, it can be difficult to discern which CFA study materials or prep course works best for you – simply because everyone studies differently.

We are here to help you cut your research time on your CFA prep provider shopping, so you can just get on with studying!

cfa study material shortlist

– This page will be constantly updated as we thoroughly vet and review suitable CFA study material providers that reach out to us.

– Best thing to do is check out the CFA prep provider profiles and reviews below, go for a free trial and see if you like it.

– If you’ve got any questions, drop a comment in our forum. Or else, happy studying!

Featured CFA Study Materials


Let’s start with a quick summary of the CFA prep providers in our shortlist:

  • Kaplan Schweser has been around the CFA prep industry for the longest time, for a good reason. They do good quality books that summarizes the CFA curriculum key points, speeding up your reading of the material. They have a good amount of practice questions too. If you’re into reading from books, then practice, i.e. old school style, they are a good bet.
  • UWorld – a new CFA provider that is very established in other exam verticals – teaches you the CFA curriculum in a different way via active learning, i.e. learning by doing practice questions. They distinguish themselves via super thorough explanations in their answers (kinda like mini notes itself), and suit people who just want to dive in and learn actively from doing practice questions straight away. Some people complement this with their study notes and use Uworld as a source of question bank, but they are a standalone product.
  • Salt Solutions‘ approach combines both video learning and notes, with practice questions too. They will complete their question bank roll out around mid 2021. Salt Solution’s distinguishing feature is its clear, succinct videos with high production value, with a user friendly new platform.
  • Bloomberg on the other hand is quite different: they break down the curriculum into micro lessons, and everything is done online. Some users have commented on the errors of their question bank. Bloomberg has received this feedback but we are not sure if this has been resolved or improved as yet.
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Other CFA Study Materials

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