Should I retake CFA exams?

How To Get Promoted at Work: The Ultimate Guide

Investing your time and energy in years of dedicated study and work experience is a typical route towards professional career success. In many finance careers, there is often a clear hierarchy leading to an ultimate management role with a highly lucrative salary.  Learning how to get promoted at work is therefore crucial, but why do …

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engineering to finance

How to Switch Careers from Engineering to Finance

It’s quite common for individuals who start off as engineers to think about switching to finance. I’m one of them, by the way. Despite seemingly different disciplines, a background in engineering equips one well with an analytical mind, which is a highly transferable skillset to financial roles. But just how easy is it to switch …

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5 Will MBA help my career progression

4 Powerful Tips For Your Career Progression

Are you looking to move ahead in your career? Whether it’s because you’ve learnt all you can from your job, looking for more money, or simply looking for a change in environment, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of finance professionals change jobs every year, striving to improve their career progression. In this article, we …

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how to network effectively

How to Network: 7 Easy Networking Tips To Boost Your Career

What’s the most effective but under-utilized skill in job hunting? Networking. Yes, having a well organized, crisp resume / CV is a good starting point in any job search. But in this article, we will focus on learning how to network, why it is important for your career, and 7 easy networking tips to kickstart …

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office team colleagues employees

CFA Charterholders: Why Top Firms Prefer Hiring Them

Interviewing for a new job, targeting a promotion, or looking to progress your career? Top tier firms know that the CFA Program produces results. ​For your next career move, here’s a primer with all the facts and research showing how CFA charterholders and candidates have an edge over the rest. Let’s dive in! A hiring …

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accounting career path

Accounting Career Path: Roles, Salaries, Progression

There are at least 3 million professional accountants around the world. This isn’t surprising considering how vital the accounting industry is to our society, from small businesses, large corporations and even governmental organizations. If you’re interested in pursuing accounting as a career, you’ll find a broad range of opportunities. From working for one of the …

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decisions which way

Best Finance Certifications: Our Top List

We’ve had interesting discussions about CFA vs. MBA before, and whether it’s a worthwhile investment. However, that’s not the only alternative qualifications many of us consider in our pursuit of career advancement. With the various finance professional qualifications available, it can be quite daunting at first when faced with so many unfamiliar acronyms.  In this article, I’ll demystify and …

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reviews comments

TopResume Review: Is It Worth It & Legit?

Note: I did not receive this service for free in exchange for a review, but paid for it myself. I’m writing this because I think it would be useful for everyone to get an idea of how the service is like before deciding to buy it. 🙂 Should you pay someone to professionally write your resume for …

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