CFA ESG Certificate: Our Easy Guide 1

CFA ESG Certificate: Our Easy Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues to the forefront of everyone’s minds. ESG matters. And investors and companies around the world are reacting fast to this current situation, pointing to a longer term demand for investment professionals with green finance and responsible investment knowledge. CFA Institute’s ESG Certificate may be a …

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how to network effectively

How to Network: 7 Easy Networking Tips To Boost Your Career

What’s the most effective but under-utilized skill in job hunting? Networking. Yes, having a well organized, crisp resume / CV is a good starting point in any job search. But in this article, we will focus on learning how to network properly, the power of networking on your career, and 7 easy tips to kickstart …

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is an mba worth it

Is An MBA Worth It, For You?

We talked about CFA vs MBA previously, but this is more fundamental. “Is an MBA worth it” is one of those classic questions that always end up with “it depends”.  I do get why lots of people say “it depends”, as the question is so broad and cannot be generalized for each person’s individual circumstances. But what …

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How To Write A Good Resume: 11 Actionable Tips 2

How To Write A Good Resume: 11 Actionable Tips

So how can we be good at landing job offers? Besides obtaining our CFA charters, the team at 300Hours are also quite experienced in the art of applying and securing job offers. We thought it would be super helpful to collate and share the experience we have learned into a mini job hunting guide, focusing on …

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how to interview well

How to Prepare for An Interview: 3 Steps To Secure Your Job Offer

With a good resume and solid networking skills, you’ve landed yourself an interview. That’s a great position to be in. So how do you close the deal and secure the job offer? Here’s how to prepare for an interview to ace it, in 3 key steps. Step 1: Do your research thoroughly This should always …

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CFA vs CPA_ Which Suits You Better

CFA vs CPA: Our Super Comparison Guide

There is understandably a lot of comparison and confusion between different financial qualifications. CFA vs CPA is no exception – they even sound similar! We have had chartered accountants share their CFA experiences before, but in this article we will specifically compare the CPA and CFA charter in all aspects: career paths, exam formats, exam …

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getting laid off

Why Getting Laid Off Was The Best Thing That Happened to My Career

Besides studying, career advice and experiences are also a very important part of exam candidates’ lives. Today, I wanted to share one of the most significant events in my career, and how this changed the entire course of what I ended up doing for a living.  I wanted to convey why I felt that getting …

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frm vs prm comparison summary

FRM vs PRM: Which risk management certification is better?

Financial risk managers play an invaluable role in maintaining a company’s fiscal health by seeking to identify, analyze and address the risks associated with a company’s business operations. Today, the profession is highly valued, with median annual salaries of $128K in the US, going up to $200K+ for top 10% of risk management professionals. For …

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cfa vs caia comparison

CFA vs CAIA: Which Is Superior? Or Do Both?

CFA and CAIA designations can appear very similar at first sight, as they both target investment and financial professionals. However, there are differences in global recognition, breadth and depth of topics studied, career focus and exam difficulty. They could even be a complementary set of finance certifications to go for, depending on career goals. For …

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cfa vs mba

CFA vs MBA: Which Is Better for Your Career?

As we’ve covered the MBA subject by looking at CFA Program business schools, a natural follow up question would be: CFA vs MBA, which should I go for? Like most comparisons, the answer is – it depends. Firstly, it’s not straightforward to compare a CFA charter and an MBA – they’re fundamentally different creatures addressing different disciplines. …

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