CFA vs CPA_ Which Suits You Better

CFA vs CPA: Which Is Best For You?

There is understandably a lot of comparison and confusion between different financial qualifications. CFA vs CPA is no exception – they even sound similar! We have had chartered accountants share their CFA experiences before, but in this article we will specifically compare the CPA and CFA charter in all aspects: career paths, exam formats, exam …

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investment management certificate introduction

Investment Management Certificate (IMC): A Useful Guide

Did you know that in certain situations, the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) can be more suitable than taking on the CFA exams? With over 5,000 exams sat each year, IMC is the most widely-recognised and established qualification of its kind in the UK. The IMC has been used by investment professionals for 25 years, and …

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phone interview tips

Phone Interview Tips: 10 Clear Steps to Acing It

My first phone interview was a magnificent disaster. I fumbled my own name, couldn’t go through my work experience without mixing up words, and I forgot the name of who I was speaking to. Basically, I was ripped to shreds. At the first round, over a phone, by HR. Telephone interviews are an important first …

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video interview meeting call

15 Video Interview Tips: Your Checklist for Success

Whether you’re applying for an entry level financial position or looking to move into a more senior role, after passing an initial phone interview, you may be offered a video interview instead of an in-person meeting. While the pandemic undoubtedly brought video calling into the mainstream, the process of interviewing potential employees is one task …

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how to get into asset management

How to Get Into Asset Management: 8 Basic Skills You Need

This article is an excerpt from the CFA Institute’s Future of Work in Investment Management Guide. A portfolio management career is highly sought after by CFA candidates and can be hard to come by. With high competition for these jobs, to better understand how to get into asset management sector, we asked human resources managers at asset …

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getting laid off

Why Getting Laid Off Was The Best Thing That Happened to My Career

Besides studying, career advice and experiences are also a very important part of exam candidates’ lives. Today, I wanted to share one of the most significant events in my career, and how this changed the entire course of what I ended up doing for a living.  I wanted to convey why I felt that getting …

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finance career quiz

Finance Career Quiz: Which Career Fits Your Skills & Personality?

The global financial services market is expected to grow from $22.5 trillion in 2021 to $28.5 trillion in 2025, recording a compound annual growth rate of 6%. To support this growth, the demand for highly-qualified finance professionals is expected to increase in the next 5 years. Interested in a career in finance, but unsure which …

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career goal target climbing ladder

Management Consulting Career Path: Roles, Salaries etc

If you are interested in a career with high-value skills and expertise, where you can advise strategic and operational activities of organizations from the top level, then a management consulting career path could suit you well. Management consulting is a fairly broad field that encompasses a range of opportunities. However, at its heart, it is …

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