cfa last minute preparation

CFA Last Minute Preparation: How to Cram Efficiently

Feeling like you’re running out of time? OK, calm down and take a few deep breaths. For whatever reason, perhaps you’ve now find yourself way behind schedule with a few more weeks to the CFA exams, and you can’t finish your revision in time.  What should you do? What areas to focus on if I don’t have …

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hedge fund career path

Hedge Fund Career Path: Roles, Salaries & Progression

With a reputation for offering some of the best salaries in the financial sector, a hedge fund career is one that’s coveted by many professionals. With opportunities for progression, that’s often a little more unstructured than some financial careers, it’s safe to say that talented individuals can build a rewarding career in hedge fund management.  …

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cfa pass rates

CFA Pass Rates: How Hard Are The CFA Exams?

[Updated for May 2022 CFA exams] CFA pass rates are a factor in most candidates’ consideration on whether to sign up for the CFA exams. If pass rates are too high, it lacks prestigiousness. If it is too low, it is too difficult and may not be worth the effort. Tricky, eh? Often branded the …

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wealth management career path

Wealth Management Career Path: Roles, Salary & Progression

Have you always been interested in providing others with sound financial advice? Do you enjoy identifying sound investment decisions to help grow a portfolio over the longer term? If so, your interest and personality may be a good fit for wealth management. With the share of wealth/retail client segments as a % of total asset …

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CFA Institutes methodology for determining Minimum Passing Score MPS

FRM Minimum Passing Score: Our Best Estimates So Far

[Updated for May 2022 results. Help our FRM MPS research by submitting your Part 1 and Part 2 results!] Not to be confused with pass rates, GARP does not release FRM minimum passing score information to candidates. We understand GARP’s reasons for doing this, as FRM candidates should aim to acquire the necessary knowledge as …

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risk management career

Risk Management Career Path: Roles, Salary & Progression

What is risk management? In essence, risk management in finance is the practice of minimizing a firm’s downside exposure, through identifying, analyzing and managing acceptable levels of uncertainties in a firm’s day-to-day operations. With increasing global instability and uncertainty, risk managers are in high demand globally as corporations seek to differentiate themselves as long term …

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What Is The CFA Exam

What Is CFA Exam? A Useful Beginner’s Guide

Considering the Chartered Financial Analyst qualification and wondering what is it all about? ​Here’s our ultimate, summarized CFA exam overview on all the details you need to know. What is CFA exam about? A quick overview The CFA charter is a world-renowned qualification in the investment management sector, and increasingly the “gold standard” for portfolio managers, wealth managers …

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search magnifying glass data chart analyze

What Does An ESG Analyst Do & How To Become One

If you are looking for financial job vacancies, you’ll undoubtedly come across a number of roles associated with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) sector, including that of an ESG Analyst. Not only is this becoming an increasingly popular career choice, but it is also one of the most pronounced industry trends in recent times …

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cfa uk esg investing certificate beginner s guide orig

CFA ESG Certificate: Our Easy Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues to the forefront of everyone’s minds. ESG matters. And investors and companies around the world are reacting fast to this current situation, pointing to a longer term demand for investment professionals with green finance and responsible investment knowledge. CFA Institute’s ESG Certificate may be a …

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caia exam designation chartered alternative investment analyst

CAIA Exam: What Is Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst?

The demand for alternative investments is expected to rise. According to Blackrock, their institutional clients currently allocate an average of 25% of their portfolios towards alternatives, which is expected to rise to between 30-40%, whereas ordinary investors will increase their alternatives allocation from 3% to 25%. The demand for alternative investment managers is likely to continue …

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