csric chartered sri counselor guide

Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC): Our Useful Guide

The demand for more sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing options is real, even at the retail investor level: This demand for SRI expertise in the financial advisory space has led to the creation of the Chartered SRI CounselorSM designation (CSRIC®), which is developed by College for Financial Planning (CFFP, a Kaplan company) in partnership …

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garp scr exam guide

GARP SCR Certificate: A Handy Beginner’s Guide

One of the key lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we must react swiftly to high probability, high impact risks — and delays are costly. The climate is changing. And the risks from climate change are only going to rise over the foreseeable future. As climate risk management continues to develop towards being a discrete job title, managing …

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CFA entry requirements

CFA Entry Requirements: A Detailed Overview

There are currently more than 175,000 individuals CFA charterholders globally, and this number is only expected to increase. The first step of becoming a CFA charterholder is to register for CFA Level 1. This brings up a handful of important questions: If you’re considering the CFA Program, check the list below to ensure you meet …

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caia pass rates difficulty

CAIA Pass Rates: How Difficult Are CAIA Exams?

Are you considering CAIA certification? We often get asked how difficult the CAIA exams actually are. While CAIA pass rates and its historical trend is one way to judge this, it can be tricky to compare difficulty between designations such as CAIA vs CFA as well. CAIA exams are tough in the sense that you’ll …

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cfa curriculum changes 2023

CFA Curriculum Changes 2023: A Quick Breakdown

Note: This article is for the new 2023 curriculum. For last year’s info, check out our article on 2022 CFA curriculum changes. The new 2023 CFA curriculum is now out for all 3 levels, with some 2023 exams already open for registration. With CFA Program’s annual syllabus update, we have checked and compared all the …

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frm exam dates

2023 FRM Exam Dates: Important Deadlines You Need To Know

Whether you are new to FRM exams, or a seasoned Part 2 candidate, here’s a handy summary of all the key FRM exam dates you need to know, as your FRM registration date affects the exam fees you pay. And a nice frequently asked questions (FAQ) section too, to answer any FRM registration questions you …

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finance career quiz

Finance Career Quiz: Which Career Fits Your Skills & Personality?

The global financial services market is expected to grow from $22.5 trillion in 2021 to $28.5 trillion in 2025, recording a compound annual growth rate of 6%. To support this growth, the demand for highly-qualified finance professionals is expected to increase in the next 5 years. Interested in a career in finance, but unsure which …

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cfa exam cost

2023 CFA Exam Cost Breakdown: A Detailed Estimate

When evaluating the benefits of the CFA charter, we quite often come to the discussion on whether CFA is a good return on investment.  Whilst the return part of the equation is subjective and trickier to estimate (as the potential gains depends on various factors unique to you), the monetary cost is more predictable with a …

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cfa last minute preparation

CFA Last Minute Preparation: How to Cram Efficiently

Feeling like you’re running out of time? OK, calm down and take a few deep breaths. For whatever reason, perhaps you’ve now find yourself way behind schedule with a few more weeks to the CFA exams, and you can’t finish your revision in time.  What should you do? What areas to focus on if I don’t have …

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is cfa worth it

CFA Value: Is CFA Worth It? Should I Take It?

Is CFA worth it, especially considering the 1,000+ hours you need to complete all 3 levels over an average of 4 years and the relatively low pass rates? What are the benefits of CFA charter? The answer depends on your personal circumstances, your career goals and what you make of it.  Drawing from my personal …

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