cfa pass rates

CFA Pass Rates: How Hard Are The CFA Exams?

[Updated for CFA L1 Feb 2023 exams] CFA pass rates are a factor in most candidates’ consideration on whether to sign up for the CFA exams. If pass rates are too high, it lacks prestigiousness. If it is too low, it is too difficult and may not be worth the effort. Tricky, eh? Often branded …

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college for financial plannings ms in financial analysis msfa

CFFP’s Masters in Financial Analysis (MSFA): Our In-Depth Guide

The recent pandemic has given us all the appreciation of working flexibly whilst still maintaining productivity and a good work life balance. This trend is prevalent in the professional education sector too. The College for Financial Planning (CFFP) – a Kaplan company – offers two online Master’s degree programs to address this demand. In particular, …

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What Does An ESG Analyst Do & How To Become One

If you are looking for financial job vacancies, you’ll undoubtedly come across a number of roles associated with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) sector, including that of an ESG Analyst. Not only is this becoming an increasingly popular career choice, but it is also one of the most pronounced industry trends in recent times …

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cfa uk esg investing certificate beginner s guide orig

CFA ESG Certificate: Our Easy Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues to the forefront of everyone’s minds. ESG matters. And investors and companies around the world are reacting fast to this current situation, pointing to a longer term demand for investment professionals with green finance and responsible investment knowledge. CFA Institute’s ESG Certificate may be a …

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certificate in climate and investing CFA UK

Certificate in Climate and Investing (CCI): A Complete Guide

A recent report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has highlighted the urgent need to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions globally by 2050 to avoid a catastrophic climate change. This, amongst other factors, has contributed to an increased pressure for investment professionals to act fast and play their part in the transition …

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finance career path

Is Finance A Good Career Path?

Finance is often seen as a lucrative career option, but there is more to it than money. This line of work is incredibly varied and rewarding, meaning it can appeal to many different people with a range of talents. A good grasp of numbers is key to working in finance, and if you have this …

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FRM Fees: What’s The Total Cost? A Solid Estimate

​Here’s a proper guide on all the relevant FRM fees you really need to budget for both Parts of the FRM exams. First, we are going to dive straight into the total cost of FRM exams (and its assumptions). Then, we will delve into the details of the 5 main types of costs, before finally discussing money-saving …

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research analyst career path

Research Analyst Career Path: Roles, Salaries & Progression

From a broad perspective, the role of research analyst can be used to describe any individual who collects and interprets data, and presents their findings in a clear way to help guide any decisions that need to be made by an organization. In the finance sector, research analysts are usually involved in creating market reports …

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ambient sound apps

7 Ambient Sound Apps to Increase Your Study Focus

In general, the right type of study music does help improve study focus. While there are many genres of study music out there, there’s another often overlooked, but scientifically proven tool that can help boost your study focus and creativity – ambient sounds. In this article, we will take a look at the latest research …

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cfa vs frm

CFA vs FRM: Which is better for me?

Finance certifications such as CFA and FRM are a cost effective way (compared to an MBA) to give your finance career a boost. We do receive a lot of questions from our readers trying to understand the core differences between them in deciding whether to pursue CFA or FRM. Hence, for those still on the …

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