CFA last week prep tips and to do lists

CFA Last Week Prep: 10 To-Dos Before Exam Day

The week before CFA Level 1 must feel pretty daunting, as it still feels the same for most Level 2 and 3 candidates too. Back then, I still remember feeling what can best be described as equal parts of zen and zombie. How are you feeling? Tired of all this studying, and just want this …

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cfa professional conduct investigation

CFA Professional Conduct Investigation: A Clear Guide

As a CFA candidate, you may have heard occasional horror stories about some candidates being subjected to CFA Professional Conduct investigations due to a misconduct (perceived or actual). To help alleviate your concerns, this article explains: Let’s dive in! What is CFA Institute’s Professional Conduct Program? CFA Institute upholds the Code of Ethics and Standards …

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how to prepare and pass CFA Level 1

CFA Level 1: How to Prepare & Pass CFA in 18 Months

How does one obtain the CFA charter as quickly as possible? Assuming consecutive passes (big assumption), the average time to pass all 3 exams in 12-18 months. While the fastest route to pass all 3 CFA exams in 12 months is possible, it’s a high risk, high burnout strategy that is not for the faint hearted… …

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how to change careers

6 Clear Steps on How to Change Careers Successfully

The pandemic has prompted a career rethink for many of us, with 60% of UK workers planning a career change. As we see in our forum discussions, there’s a diverse set of people from various backgrounds looking to make that career change into specific areas in finance. You are not alone. Whether it’s fixed income, asset management, equity research, trading, investment …

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cfa level 1 fra

CFA Level 1 FRA: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. Ah, I remember the days where I looked at the sheer volume of formulae and concepts in CFA Level 1 FRA (Financial Reporting and Analysis, or Financial Statement Analysis called nowadays) in despair. And how I felt 5x worse when studying Level 2’s FRA …

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investment data computer

CFA Level 1 Equity Investments: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. If you’re following our recommended Level 1 topic study order: after going through Quant, FRA and Fixed Income, CFA Level 1 Equity Investments would be a lovely topic in comparison. Since Equity is a relatively gentle section of the curriculum, it provides an opportunity …

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cfa pass rates

CFA Pass Rates: How Hard Are The CFA Exams?

[Updated for CFA Feb 2023 exams] CFA pass rates are a factor in most candidates’ consideration on whether to sign up for the CFA exams. If pass rates are too high, it lacks prestigiousness. If it is too low, it is too difficult and may not be worth the effort. Tricky, eh? Often branded the …

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caia exam results date

When Are CAIA Exam Results Released? And Other FAQs

It can be a nail-biting experience waiting for your CAIA exam results, and even more so if you don’t know when results are announced. While CAIA Association provides reasonably accurate time guidance of results release, the wait has been longer due to the pandemic’s disruptions. To be helpful, here are our predicted CAIA exam results …

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cfa level 2 tips

CFA Level 2 Tips: Top Advice From Previous Candidates

Congrats on passing Level 1, and welcome to CFA Level 2! Unfortunately, the CFA Level 2 exam is a different beast, with a reputation to be the most challenging exam with the most material to cover. Many candidates failed at this hurdle given the step up in difficulty that is unknown upfront. That’s why we are here: …

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portfolio management career path

Portfolio Management Career Path: Roles, Salaries & Progression

Portfolio managers often have lucrative, challenging and diverse careers. They are not only responsible for institutional investment oversight, but are also frequently able to establish personal relationships with corporate clients.  So if you’re interested in a portfolio management career path, let’s take a look at what the role entails, how to get into the sector, …

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