2023 FRM Exam Dates: Important Deadlines You Need To Know

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Whether you are new to FRM exams, or a seasoned Part 2 candidate, here’s a handy summary of all the key FRM exam dates you need to know, as your FRM registration date affects the exam fees you pay.

And a nice frequently asked questions (FAQ) section too, to answer any FRM registration questions you may have.

Let’s dive in 🙂

What are the recent changes to FRM exam dates?

frm exam dates

In March 2022, GARP updated its Part 1 offering to 3x a year with May, August (instead of July) and November.

However, as of 1 Dec 2022, we noticed that FRM exams are now held 3x a year for Part 1 and Part 2 candidates in May, August and November. This seems to be a new development by GARP, as previously it’s only held thrice a year for Part 1 candidates.

So here’s a reminder of the upcoming 2023 exam cycles:

  • May 2023 (Part 1 and 2): registration opens on 1 December 2022.
  • August 2023 (Part 1 and 2): registration opens on 1 March 2023.
  • November 2023 (Part 1 and 2): registration opens on 1 May 2023.

FRM exam dates: A handy summary table


Short on time? Here are the latest FRM exam dates and registration deadlines:

Key DeadlinesMay 2023 FRM Exams
(Part 1 and Part 2)
Aug 2023 FRM Exams
(Part 1 and Part 2)
Nov 2023 FRM Exams
(Part 1 and Part 2)
Registration and scheduling opens1 Dec 20221 Mar 20231 May 2023
Early registration ends31 Jan 202330 Apr 202331 Jul 2023
ADA* applications deadline28 Feb 202331 May 202331 Aug 2023
Registration closes: Last day to defer to next exam31 Mar 202330 Jun 202330 Sep 2023
Last day to (re)schedule exam, select or change exam sites21 Apr 202321 Jul 202320 Oct 2023
FRM exam windowPart 1:
6-19 May 2023

Part 2:
20-26 May 2023
Part 1:
5 Aug 2023 (morning)

Part 2:
5 Aug 2023 (afternoon)
Part 1:
4-17 Nov 2023

Part 2:
18-24 Nov 2023

* Americans with Disabilities (ADA)

Frequently asked questions

FRM exam dates and registration FAQ

How do I schedule or reschedule my FRM exam?

You need to log into your GARP account, and click the Exam Setup button under “My Programs” to (re)schedule. You can schedule your exams after registration fees are paid, and can only reschedule your CBT appointment once.

The last day to reschedule your test date is 21 July 2023 for Aug 2023 exams, and 20 October 2023 for Nov 2023 exams.

How do I change my FRM exam test center?

To do this, you need to log into your GARP account, and click the Exam Setup button under “My Programs” to choose your test center.

The last day to change your exam test center is 21 Apr 2023 for May 2023 exams.

How do I defer my FRM exam?

Log into your GARP account, click the Exam Setup button under “My Programs” to defer your exam to the next available exam window.

Note that Part 1 candidates can only defer once to the next 2 available exam windows, whilst Part 2 candidates can only defer once to the next available exam window.

Once registration fee is paid, you can only defer your exam once for a fee of US$200. Subsequent deferrals will not be considered.

The last day to defer your FRM exam is 21 April 2023 for May 2023 exams.

When is the deadline to pay for FRM exams?

Your registration fee payment must be received by GARP latest by midnight (EST) on the closing date of each registration period.

This means 31 March 2023 for May 2023 exams.

How can I get a refund?

Candidates have 48 hours after their exam registration to submit a refund request. All refund requests must be received via email to memberservices@garp.com.

Other than that, GARP does not provide refunds for either the exam enrollment or exam registration fee under typical circumstances.

I have another question. Can I get a response from you guys?

Sure thing. Leave a comment in this article below!

I hope the summary table on FRM exam dates is helpful! If you’ve got more questions, leave a comment below and we will answer 🙂

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48 thoughts on “2023 FRM Exam Dates: Important Deadlines You Need To Know”

  1. If I have failed in my 1st attempt of L1 and want to take the exam again should I need to pay both registration and enrollment fees or just enrollment fees

  2. I am planning to take P1 exam FRM on 2023, can I start study using 2022 syllabus? or better wait until the syllabus updated?

    • Hi Falzami, it’s best to use 2023’s syllabus when it is published, which should be available when 2023 registration opens (expected in Dec 2022). For now, if you prefer to start studying earlier, you can still use 2022 curriculum for light studies to get a gist of what it is all about, but use the 2023’s curriculum as your definitive source for sure.

      • I think waiting for 2023 books is not a good idea when the syllabus change is minimal..I believe 2 to 3 chapters have been added but remaining syllabus and topics are the same..go ahead with 2022 material…

  3. Hello, My exam location is in the US and I already have registered for the FRM Level 1 Exam for this November, but I am finding it difficult for setting up for the exam. After I open my GARP account and go on to the finish setup option, and after entering all the needed information, the account takes me to a different site named PSI ONLINE, where it shows me the option SCHEDULE, but even though I click on the option, I am not able to register for my exam. Am I the only one who is struggling with this?

    I would highly appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you and have a great rest of the day.

  4. Hii,
    Going forward I.e. in year 2023 how many Garp will conduct frm part 1 exam in a year and expected months of conducting exam?

  5. Hi!
    I am still not a candidate but I am currently studying for it.
    Would anyone have reliable sources for study materials?
    Kind regards

  6. Hi
    I am a candidate for the FRM1 May 2022 exam and I need to defer the exam to Nov 2022 but I dont see that option online. Can you please guide me how to do it?..

  7. Hi,
    I had attempted and passed FRM part 1 exam back in jul ‘21. I want to give the part 2 exam in may ‘22 but i noticed that my FRM membership has a validity of only one year and will expire in march ‘22.
    So would i have to repay the membership/registration fee again?

  8. Hi, how can i know the test center location near my country before I register? I know there is not one in Chile, but there is one in Peru by GARP page, but in the page of the provider there is no info about where it is or even if there is one in Peru


    • You’re right – Peru does seem unavailable with PSI at the moment. This may be Covid-related since Peru was one of the postponed locations in the past. I’d check with GARP (memberservices@garp.com).

  9. Hi i have given my FRM part 1 exam this month on 10th want to know when i can register for part 2 for next year ????

  10. I appeared for the FRM Part I exam in May’17 and passed in July’17. I am now planning to take my Part 2 exam in Dec’21, for which I am assuming the result won’t be available before Feb’22.

    Thus, if I pass it will cross Dec 31st of the fourth year of passing the FRM part 1 exam.

    Request advice whether it will be valid or will I not be eligible for FRM certification even I pass the Part 2 exam scheduled in Dec’21.

      • Hi,
        Were you able to register for the exam?

        I passed in July 2018,
        So according to the four year rule, when will be my last attempt to clear the level 2?

    • Hey Rathin,

      I have similar question and have been searched the answer for a while. I am wondering if you have any update for this questions.

      Many Thanks

  11. Hi, will FRM part 1 July attempt get postpone to a future date? I’m residing in India. I saw may attempt got postponed, any updates on July attempt?

  12. Hi,
    So are the exam locations in the United Stated out for the November/December FRM part 1 and part2 yet? I can’t find any locations available around Los Angeles through the system but was able to see exam locations that are in states other than California. I’m so worried that I can’t find a location to take the exam and the institution is not replying my messages and emails.

    • It’s likely because of Covid. According to Pearson Vue:

      Why can’t I find appointment availability?

      We are opening testing availability up as quickly as possible in a manner that’s safe for our candidates and employees…Appointment availability continues to change due to COVID-19, so be sure to check back regularly to see if and when new time slots become available.

  13. Hello.
    Would anyone know the dates for the FRM Part 1 exam within the 8-21 May window? My computer based exam was scheduled for today however the link never worked and the test center staff confirmed that my exam will be rescheduled. I have forgotten the possible dates and it is stressful not knowing when the exam could possibly be. Wouldn’t want it to spring up on me.

  14. Hii i want to defer my part 1 exam now can i do this now please guide as the scenario is getting worst will there be any alternative ?

    • Hi Aman, unfortunately GARP isn’t clear about this upfront.

      If a candidate has COVID-19, it is best to first email them at memberservices@garp.com, with proof of that. And follow up right away with a phone call since it’s so close to the exam now. My guess would be that it is assessed individually on a case-by-case basis.

  15. After the completion of part 2 exam and successfully surpass the threshold of the exam, when are we gonna get our certificate?

    • Hi Fergy, once you passed FRM Part 2, you still need to meet the 2 years of relevant full time work experience requirements.

      Assuming you meet the work experience requirement and submitted that to GARP, you should receive your FRM certificate within 1 month from the date of approval of your work experience.

      Hope this helps!


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