CFA Exam Dates Deadlines and Schedule For Your Calendar

2022 CFA Exam Dates: Important Deadlines You Need To Know

Keeping track of all the important CFA exam information and deadlines is tough as is, especially when you’re already busy studying to pass the exams. It didn’t help that CFA Institute’s dates keep changing with the pandemic situation, in addition to the new frequency and computer-based exam formats in 2021. So here’s a quick summary …

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CFA Passing Score for Level 1, 2 and 3

CFA Passing Score: Here’s the Latest MPS Estimates

[Updated for November 2021 CFA exams Level 1 exams – details below. To help our estimates, send your results PDF to] This article is about minimum passing scores. For CFA exam pass rates, see this article instead. IMPORTANT: Please do not use our MPS estimate as a basis to plead to CFA Institute to …

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Failed CFA exam - here's what to do next

Failed CFA Exams? 5 Clear Steps To Recover

CFA exams are famed for being difficult to pass. Failing CFA exams is unfortunately pretty common, but certainly not discussed enough. When I failed CFA Level 2 many years ago (just below the Minimum Passing Score), I remember the overwhelming devastation and anger after spending 350+ hours studying for it. If any of you have …

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How to display CFA status on resume CV LinkedIn Business Cards

How To Properly Show CFA On Resume, LinkedIn & Business Cards

With 45% of candidates registering for CFA exams for career reasons, it is crucial to keep your “personal marketing materials” – such as CV/resume, LinkedIn, business cards and even email signature – up-to-date to reflect your latest accomplishments in the CFA Program.  However, did you know about CFA Institute’s strict guidelines on the CFA designation usage …

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CFA Exam Results: How to Interpret CFA Results Charts 1

CFA Exam Results: How to Interpret CFA Results Charts

What can your CFA exam results charts tell you? More than you may think. To help you get the most out of your CFA exam results, we’ve put together a guide with: CFA exam results samples, step-by-step guidance on how to interpret CFA results charts, and how you can use this to improve your performance. Understanding …

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List of free CFA practice questions

CFA Practice Questions: Our Ultimate Guide

It’s the time of the year again – few weeks before before CFA exams… it’s crunch time! We now know that practicing is one of the best ways to learn effectively for the CFA exams, with a good rule of thumb to aim to complete 5-7 sets of practice exams from a variety of providers before the big day, …

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CFA reading lists

The 2022 Recommended CFA Reading List For Candidates

Note: This is a reading list for candidates that are looking for an engaging read while enhancing their knowledge for the CFA exams and investment management. These books are not curriculum readings and are not intended act as preparation material for the CFA exams. Looking for some new year reading? Why not read something entertaining …

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how many cfa mock exam

CFA Mock Exams: How Many Should You Be Doing?

One of the most effective ways to learn is through practice, lots of it. However, how many CFA mock exams should we aim to complete for practice? According to our research (8 years worth of data!), there is an optimal number of CFA mock exams you should be doing for the best chance of passing. …

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ti ba ii plus vs hp 12c

Best CFA Calculator Guide: TI BA II Plus vs HP 12C

Not sure which CFA approved calculator to use? If you’re still on the fence about TI BA II Plus vs HP 12C, you’ve come to the right place. In this CFA calculator guide – which also applies to the FRM and CAIA exams by the way – we discuss the pros and cons of each …

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Looking for Good CFA Alternative Courses? Here Are 15 to Consider 2

Looking for Good CFA Alternative Courses? Here Are 15 to Consider

Fed up of CFA exam’s low pass rates? Or just looking for something similar to the CFA qualification, but perhaps less intense? In this article, we’ve listed the best CFA alternative courses for professional and personal development, tailored for CFA candidates’ profiles. Covering finance, technology, language and health, if you’re looking for a suitable course …

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