cfa last month preparations

CFA Last Month Preparations: The Elite 8 Point Checklist

What should you be doing for your CFA last month preparations? Especially if it’s your first time, and you’re not sure what a CFA Level 1 last month study plan looks like? Among all the chaos, prioritization and focus are key in the last month. To keep things simple for you, here are 8 concise …

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Frequently asked questions about CFA results

CFA Exam Results: Top 5 Questions, Answered

The CFA exam results day for the November 2022 CFA exams will be announced on 12th January 2023 for Level 1 and 19 January 2023 for Level 2. ​​Remember that you can track all important events by syncing with our CFA Calendar, including our predicted exam results dates. CFA results day can be a bit chaotic …

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List of free CFA practice questions

CFA Practice Questions: Our Super Roundup

It’s the time of the year again, the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams are a a few weeks away! We know that practicing is one of the best ways to learn effectively for the CFA exams, with a good rule of thumb to aim to complete 5-7 sets of practice exams from a variety of providers before the big …

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300 hours rough guide to a solid cfa study plan planner 1 orig

Customize Your Free CFA Study Planner [Updated for 2023]

“Love the website content and the CFA study planner has become an absolute necessity for me! It helped me clear Level 1 in my first attempt by always keeping me on top of my study schedule. “ Reshma Menon, CFA L2 candidate So you’ve decided to register for the CFA exams.  The natural next step is to …

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When will CFA exam results be released

When Will My CFA Results Be Released?

Although the CFA Institute announces most of the relevant dates on the CFA Program calendar right at the start, a pretty significant date is usually missing until the last minute – the CFA results date. So just like previous years, we’ve predicted the CFA exam results dates for you in advance, for 2022 and 2023 …

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Free CFA Study Materials List

Free CFA Study Materials List [2023 Edition]

The CFA program is a lot cheaper than other postgraduate qualifications, but hey, every little helps, right? Be careful though – free CFA exam materials floating around the internet can be outdated or inaccurate. So we’ve compiled a list of the best available free CFA study materials just for you, so you can get straight …

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CFA reading lists

The 2023 Recommended CFA Reading List For Candidates

Note: This is a reading list for candidates that are looking for an engaging read while enhancing their knowledge for the CFA exams and investment management. These books are not curriculum readings and are not intended act as preparation material for the CFA exams. Looking for some new year reading? Why not read something entertaining …

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choice decision select option

Which Is The Most Difficult CFA Level?

Mirror mirror on the wall, which is the most difficult CFA level of them all? While opinions differ among us, I think quite a lot of CFA charterholders agree that the answer is between CFA Level 2 vs Level 3. In this article, we start of by looking at the hardest topics by level. Then, …

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