frm exam preparation

FRM Preparation: How to Pass FRM Exams

The interest in FRM qualification has grown fast in the last few years, given the increasing demand for risk management skillset in the financial sector. With that in mind, we have collected all the crucial FRM preparation tips in one place, to help FRM candidates pass their exams. Let’s have a look! 1. Plan ahead …

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5 Will MBA help my career progression

4 Powerful Tips For Your Career Progression

Are you looking to move ahead in your career? Whether it’s because you’ve learnt all you can from your job, looking for more money, or simply looking for a change in environment, you’re not alone. Hundreds of thousands of finance professionals change jobs every year, striving to improve their career progression. In this article, we …

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CFA exam day checklist - what to bring to CFA exam

CFA Exam Day Checklist: What To Bring To CFA Exams

This is the only CFA exam day checklist you need: what to bring, what to expect, what to wear, and everything else – updated for the latest pandemic-related procedures and computer-based exams. Here is our definitive list of things to bring to the exam, how the exam day will be like, and any other questions …

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phone interview tips

Phone Interview Tips: 10 Clear Steps to Acing It

My first phone interview was a magnificent disaster. I fumbled my own name, couldn’t go through my work experience without mixing up words, and I forgot the name of who I was speaking to. Basically, I was ripped to shreds. At the first round, over a phone, by HR. Telephone interviews are an important first …

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burnout sad stressed

Study Burnout: How to Recognize, Cure and Prevent Them

All CFA exam candidates know it. Or candidates for any high stakes exams really. Others may not understand, but we do – the CFA exams are hardcore. The burnout is real. Burnout happens when you simply do not have a drive to continue doing this crap any longer. Nothing goes in, and you may feel panicked, overwhelmed …

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