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cfa mock exam target score

What’s A Safe CFA Mock Exam Target Score To Aim For?

1 Jul 2024

CFA, How To Study

It's easy to get discouraged by the recent unexpected trends in CFA minimum passing scores and pass rates, although there are some early signs of it returning to long term averages. While there are a few reasons for the recent low CFA pass rates, the implications for CFA candidates are clear: the guidance on CFA mock exam target scores has to change to improve pass chances. In this article, we will look at the recent CFA passing score and pass rates data, ...

cfa pass rates

CFA Pass Rates: How Hard Are The CFA Exams?

30 Jun 2024

CFA, Exam Day & Results

[Updated for May 2024 exams] CFA pass rates are a factor in most candidates' consideration on whether to sign up for the CFA exams. If pass rates are too high, it lacks prestigiousness. If ...

getting laid off

Why Getting Laid Off Was The Best Thing That Happened to My Career

30 Jun 2024

Career Advice

Besides studying, career advice and experiences are also a very important part of exam candidates' lives. Today, I wanted to share one of the most significant events in my career, and how this ...

Failed CFA exam - here's what to do next

Failed CFA Exams? 5 Clear Steps To Recover

29 Jun 2024

CFA, Exam Day & Results

CFA exams are famed for being difficult to pass. Failing CFA exams is unfortunately pretty common, but certainly not discussed enough. When I failed CFA Level 2 many years ago (just below the Minimum ...

cfa results

CFA Exam Results: How to Interpret CFA Results Charts

28 Jun 2024

CFA, Exam Day & Results

What can your CFA exam results charts tell you? More than you may think. To help you get the most out of your CFA exam results, we’ve put together a clearcut guide with: CFA results ...

CFA Exam Dates Deadlines and Schedule For Your Calendar

CFA Exam Dates 2024-2025: Key Registration Deadlines

27 Jun 2024

CFA, CFA Level 1, CFA Level 2, CFA Level 3

Keeping track of all the important CFA exam information and deadlines is tough as is, especially when you're already busy studying to pass the exams. It didn’t help that CFA Institute's dates kept ...

studying with coffee

Studying With Coffee: How to Use It Productively for Your Studies

26 Jun 2024

Study Motivation

Do you love coffee? I imagine I see many heads nodding now. Suffice to say, my appreciation for coffee has increased throughout the years, especially since I discovered that good coffee, properly made, shouldn't have ...