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cfa last minute preparation

CFA Last Minute Preparation: How to Cram Efficiently

2 May 2023

CFA, How To Study

Feeling like you’re running out of time? OK, calm down and take a few deep breaths. For whatever reason, perhaps you’ve now find yourself way behind schedule with a few more weeks to the CFA exams, and you can’t finish your revision in time.  What should you do? What areas to focus on if I don’t have enough time? How do I increase my chances of passing the exam? We put ourselves in your position and imagined what we would do (with a calmer state ...

CFA last week prep tips and to do lists

CFA Last Week Prep: 10 To-Dos Before Exam Day

1 May 2023

CFA, Exam Day & Results

The week before CFA Level 1 must feel pretty daunting, as it still feels the same for most Level 2 and 3 candidates too. Back then, I still remember feeling what can best ...

is cfa worth it

CFA Value: Is CFA Worth It? Should I Take It?

1 May 2023

CFA, Exam Overview

Is CFA worth it, especially considering the 1,000+ hours you need to complete all 3 levels over an average of 4 years and the relatively low pass rates? What are the benefits of ...

how long to study for cfa

How Long to Study for CFA exams? A Quick Sense Check

30 Apr 2023

CFA, How To Study

Whether you're considering the CFA program, or a current candidate tracking your study progress, the question of 'how long to study for CFA Level 1/2/3' often pops up along the way. In this article, ...

cfa professional conduct investigation

CFA Professional Conduct Investigation: A Clear Guide

30 Apr 2023

CFA, Exam Day & Results

As a CFA candidate, you may have heard occasional horror stories about some candidates being subjected to CFA Professional Conduct investigations due to a misconduct (perceived or actual). To help alleviate your concerns, this ...

how to prepare and pass CFA Level 1

CFA Level 1: How to Prepare & Pass CFA in 18 Months

30 Apr 2023

CFA, How To Study

How does one obtain the CFA charter as quickly as possible? Assuming consecutive passes (big assumption), the average time to pass all 3 exams in 12-18 months. While the fastest route to pass all 3 ...

how to change careers

6 Clear Steps on How to Change Careers Successfully

29 Apr 2023

Career Advice

The pandemic has prompted a career rethink for many of us, with 60% of UK workers planning a career change. As we see in our forum discussions, there’s a diverse set of people from various ...