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chewing gum while studying

Does Chewing Gum While Studying Help Exam Performance?

30 Jan 2024

Study Motivation, Study Break

Here at 300Hours, we share lots of tips on how to improve your finance exam performance, all neatly packaged in our 'Study Motivation' section. Here’s an interesting recent tip that our team discovered: chewing gum while studying for your finance exam, and during the exam itself, can help with your performance.  Just to be clear, we’re not talking “chew gum and you’ll not need to study ever” levels of performance improvement, by the way. But it helps – kind of like ...

CFA Institute to Extend CFA Program Candidate Eligibility by One Year

CFA Level 1 Eligibility: Undergrads Can Now Start A Year Earlier

29 Jan 2024

CFA, Exam Overview

CFA Institute has expanded the CFA Level 1 eligibility for the program: students with two years remaining in their undergrad studies will be able to register and sit for the CFA Level 1 ...

frm exam preparation

FRM Preparation: How to Pass FRM Exams

28 Jan 2024


The interest in FRM qualification has grown fast in the last few years, given the increasing demand for risk management skillset in the financial sector. With that in mind, we have collected all ...

5 Will MBA help my career progression

4 Powerful Tips For Your Career Progression

27 Jan 2024

Career Advice

Are you looking to move ahead in your career? Whether it's because you’ve learnt all you can from your job, looking for more money, or simply looking for a change in environment, you're not ...

CFA Fast Track plan to pass CFA exams in the fastest way

CFA Fast Track: How to Pass the CFA Exams Quickly

26 Jan 2024

CFA, How To Study

It takes an average of 1,000 study hours to obtain a CFA charter, so it is worthwhile investigating the most efficient way to pass before signing up. While there are no shortcuts nor ...

digital assets crypto investment

Digital Assets & the Impact of Blockchain Technology on Finance Careers

25 Jan 2024

Career Advice

As blockchain technology continues to gain traction, the world of finance is witnessing a paradigm shift. Digital assets, once considered a niche domain, are now emerging as a major player in the financial ...

CFA exam day checklist - what to bring to CFA exam

CFA Exam Day Checklist: What To Bring To CFA Exams

24 Jan 2024

CFA, Exam Day & Results

This is the only CFA exam day checklist you need: what to bring, what to expect, what to wear, and everything else – updated for the latest pandemic-related procedures and computer-based exams. Here is ...