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cfa level 1 fra

CFA Level 1 FRA: Our Cheat Sheet

27 Apr 2023

CFA, Free Resources

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. Ah, I remember the days where I looked at the sheer volume of formulae and concepts in CFA Level 1 FRA (Financial Reporting and Analysis, or Financial Statement Analysis called nowadays) in despair. And how I felt 5x worse when studying Level 2's FRA section... Financial Reporting and Analysis is one of the largest hurdles in the CFA exams, especially for Level 1 and Level 2. That’s why we decided ...

cfa guessing strategy

CFA Guessing Strategy: 10 Top Tips To Guess Intelligently

26 Apr 2023

CFA, How To Study

It is CFA exam questions practice season now. Besides being the most effective way to prepare for the CFA exams, it’s also always a good idea to really get to know the exam format well ...

how i passed cfa level 2 with just practice questions

How I Passed CFA Level 2 With Just Practice Questions

25 Apr 2023

CFA, How To Study

CFA Level 2 is usually regarded as the toughest CFA level there is, and I probably agree with that. The time I spent on preparing for CFA Level 2 is substantial, but the ...

run jump hurdle challenge fast

CFA Exemptions: A Big Perk You Should Know

23 Apr 2023

CFA, Exam Overview

We’ve gone through the direct advantages of pursuing the CFA charter. Although there are currently no exemptions on the CFA exams itself, are you aware that the CFA Program could be getting you ...

investment data computer

CFA Level 1 Equity Investments: Our Cheat Sheet

22 Apr 2023

CFA, Free Resources

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. If you're following our recommended Level 1 topic study order: after going through Quant, FRA and Fixed Income, CFA Level 1 Equity Investments ...

packing bag getting ready

FRM Exam Day Checklist: What To Bring To FRM Exams

20 Apr 2023


So, you’re prepared for the FRM exam.  But are you prepared for the actual day? Knowing and preparing for the logistics of exam day can make a lot of difference in your exam – ...

applying for jobs

Does CFA Help? Maybe, But It’s Not a Golden Ticket to Jobs

17 Apr 2023

CFA, Career Advice, Exam Overview

The CFA charter is a great career enhancer in the right industries, and when utilized to its full potential. Although it is challenging to attain, if you are well prepared with a good study ...