Free CFA Level 3 Mock Exam: 44 Practice Questions, Full Answers and Analytics

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CFA Level 3 candidates: since doing practice questions is one of the best ways to study, here is our updated, free CFA Level 3 mock exam for more practice, thanks to our partner IFT.

This is a 2 hour 12 minutes, 44 questions practice exam, weighted as per CFA Institute’s guidance. This is a proper mock exam, rather than independent question-bank-type questions, as it uses the item-set and vignette format that’s the same as the actual CFA Level 3 exam afternoon session.

You can take the test online or download the PDF questions, with full answers and analytics included – all for free! After submitting your answers online, you’ll instantly be sent a personalized test result report, full answer explanations and a comparison of your performance to the rest of the candidate population.

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Our free CFA Level 3 mock exam: How it works

free cfa level 3 mock exam

After submitting your answers, you’ll instantly be sent a personalized test result report and all answer explanations. 

You’ll get a topic breakdown with your results email, showing weak areas, helping you focus on topics that will help raise your exam performance the most. You’ll also receive comparative statistics on where you stand with the rest of the sample, better informing you if you need to double down on revision.


The practice test can be online on most devices you own. You can take it right now, or bookmark this page to come back later. Just click through the questions, fill in your details and click ‘Submit’.

You can do this CFA Level 3 mock exam in two ways:

  • online (either right now via the form below, or bookmarking this page to come back later); or
  • offline, by downloading the PDF questions and submitting your answers below when done. 

Either method is easy: All you need to do is just click through the questions below, fill in your details and click ‘Submit’.

Good luck, and hope you find this useful! If you have any thoughts or feedback, just give us a shout in the comments below. And if you’d like even more practice, remember that we have more materials available in our Offers section.

How did you score in this practice paper? What is your strongest and weakest topic so far? Share this via the comments below!

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15 thoughts on “Free CFA Level 3 Mock Exam: 44 Practice Questions, Full Answers and Analytics”

  1. I believe Question #2 is stated differently than what’s shown on the Answer Key. Please double check. Thanks!

  2. Dear 300hours

    I still have a 60-question format of CFA level 3 mock.

    Unfortunately, 300hours have decided to change from 60 question to 44 question in order to reflect the current exam format.

    However, for a practicing purpose, I believe that the 60 question format is still very helpful and I can learn a lot from questions that were removed.

    Is it possible that 300hours continue maintaining a solution of the 60-question paper format?
    That would be very much appreciated.

    Best Regards,

  3. Thanks for providing the sample exam.
    Will the performance calculation be fixed? My score is still calculated out of 60 and I think also the ranking stats againts peers are off.


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