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By Christine

Since the start of 300Hours.com, a core part of what we’ve done is our Results Analysis tool, as well as our CFA Exam Insights ebook. (Which, by the way, you can check out here.)

Today, our ebook is also available as….(drum roll)…’book’. That’s right, physical, old-school copies are now available for your viewing pleasure!

I know I sound really excited – that’s because I am! Irrationally so. I’m a pen and paper person when it comes to the CFA program. I like my study notes in large, heavy books that I can scribble on, and my practice exams in paper form, just like the actual exam.

And so ever since we’ve started publishing our CFA Exam Insights as an ebook, I’ve always wanted an actual physical copy that I could touch.

But publishing a printed book was something that we somehow never got around to doing. There was always the next study tip to be written, website or forum features to be added, or analyses to be done. So I decided to make sure we properly took the time to focus on this in the past few months, and I’m happy to report that we now have a physical copy available for order on most Amazon markets!

Where can you get it?

You probably won’t see them in your local bookstore just yet, but through Amazon, you can get it delivered to you through this link: 
Amazon only has individual links for each market they’re in, which is a pain if you’re trying to feature just one link that takes you to the relevant Amazon US/UK/DE/FR/CA/IN/etc store. 

However, this link is the work of our resident tech genius (who is shy and shall not be named), and should automagically take you to your country’s Amazon store where you can order CFA Exam Insights. Please let us know if it’s not working as intended!


Leave an awesome review, and get a Star Reviewer Badge.

I know many of you awesome readers have already purchased e-versions of this book. If it’s helped your CFA prep, I would love it if you could leave an awesome review for us! 

Every comment helps, and as a thank-you, we have created a special Star Reviewer Badge in our Forum, which will be awarded to every reviewer. Simply request your badge and include the link to your review in your request! You’ll of course need to be signed in as a forum member first.

Be a rainmaker – refer us to your work or university. 

If your company or university has a structured program for the CFA exams, we would love it if we could speak to you. Please do get in touch with me at christine(at)300hours(dot)com – we’d love to have a chat with you and your CFA program coordinator and work something out!
Finally, a thank you from all of us.

I really want to take the time to sincerely thank each and every one of you who’s come to the site and supported us, whether by being a forum member, getting one of our reports in the past, or simply reading our CFA advice. 

The book would not have made it into paper form without support from all our readers.

Thank you.

And oh, comment below if you’ve got any thoughts or feedback!

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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