Level III Results Are Nearly Here, And So Are The Analytics!

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After Results Week a few weeks ago, it’s Results Week again. This time for our Level III compatriots. The Level III exam usually has the highest pass rate among all the levels, however this isn’t because it’s the easiest. (To voice your opinion on which is the hardest level, check out this week’s Weekly Poll.)

Firstly, the candidates have already successfully passed Level I and II. They pretty much know exactly what they’re doing at this point, even though the Level III has a few curveballs in the essay section. Secondly, the drive in these candidates at this point would be unbelievable. This is the home stretch, and all the extra reserves of willpower would be coming out at this point.

On Results Week for Level I and II, I posted a set of results calculators to further breakdown the results for candidates using the 40/60/80 rule and minimum and maximum scores. I’m currently in the process of analysing the results data and will be posting some very interesting conclusions in the following weeks, so remember to check back soon!

Over the weekend, in between watching Team GB pull in a respectable tally of medals from athletics, rowing, cycling and Andy Murray, I also busied myself building a Level III results analytics tool. This was less straightforward than Levels I and II. As the number of questions and the points allocated to each question in the essay section in Level III is different each year, there will have to be a different analytics tool for every year, and I would have to wait for the results to be released tomorrow to be able to confirm the number of questions and assigned weightings to be able to calibrate the analysis tool.

I have, however, built an analysis tool for candidates that sat for the Level III exam in June 2011 – the same exam I sat for. I ran my results through the tool and here they are:

  • 40/60/80: 65.1%
  • Minimum score: 49.7%
  • Maximum score: 79.6%

Pretty close call for me, if the 40/60/80 score is to be taken as truth…

As every year is different, please note that this particular tool will only work for the 2011 Level III results, and will not work for the Level III results due to be announced tomorrow. I will update the Analyze Results section with a new tool for Level III 2012 soon after the results are announced.

Here’s to a good results day, for those among you who are hoping to finish the journey tomorrow! The end is near!

If you want to analyze Level I and Level II results, the tools are already available at the Analyze Results section. If you’re studying for December Level I – make sure you check out the Resources section!

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