CFA® Exam Meme Challenge: Every Friends Episode in Season 3

Here are the meme-fied seasons so far:
Season 1 ∙ Season 2 ∙ Season 3

We’re into the third season of my journey to CFA-memefy every Friends episode. Bring on Season 3!

As a reminder, here are the rules of the challenge:

  1. Memes about CFA exam candidate life.
  2. At least one meme per episode. More is fine.
  3. Double episodes are considered two separate episodes.
  4. Accurate dialogue must be used. No swapping out words for convenience.​
Do you have a special place in your heart for the guy that started you on this Dark Souls equivalent of exams? I do – I remind him every time I tell him I can’t meet him for drinks.
With 180 questions in the Level 1 exam, finishing in the nick of time is already a great achievement! You can get CFA exam time-management tips from this article.
🎵  Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do, when you have no clue? 🎵

CFA questions don’t penalize you for a wrong answer, so sometimes you’ll have to just guess when you have no idea what the right answer is. But there are ways to increase your chances of getting it right.

I’ll admit, I really just wanted to get this scene into this post. The little hop Chandler does just cracks me up every time.
I remembered the excitement I felt when I first started in Level 1. How much I was going to learn, and how proud I was of myself of investing in myself, and building something for my future.

“Don’t worry, they’ll soon beat it out of you,” were the response offered by my charterholder colleague.

There’s always late candidates. Read our exam day preparation guide and don’t let them be you!
CFA Friends Meme: CFA Exam Day Tomorrow

I spent the day before my last CFA exam with a weird tingly sensation all around me body. And snapping off the heads of everyone that wanted to ‘make plans for Saturday’.

I get grumpy when I’m nervous. Sorry, Jamie, I did make it up to you.

120 questions in 3 hours makes it 90 seconds per question. Pace yourself and move on if you know you’re taking too long on one question.
How we imagine ourselves looking anyway.
After the CFA exams, remember that you would have become quite a lightweight.
I hope to never receive one of these emails
The typical CFA exam proctor usually has no other involvement in the CFA Program or exams – they’re usually students or such that are being a proctor for the day.

​For some reason I always thought they were CFA charterholders.

Given that proctors are quite strict on reporting people, I wonder what would happen if an answer sheet fell off another table and glided really close to me? What would I have to do to ensure I do not get a ‘suspicious behavior’ report written up – close my eyes and call for help?
A nice, positive, motivated meme. Who says they don’t exist?
Bring your own lunch. The queues at food places might be too long and you might end up with no lunch!
Similarly, make sure you wear layers for exam day. It could be too cold, or too hot, and layers help you adjust.

I did it! I got Gunther in!

To be clear, you can’t take a break to go outside and smoke during the CFA exam. But did you know you used to be able to smoke IN the CFA exam hall?

CFA Friends Meme: What not to say to CFA candidates

This is one of the worst offenders of crap people tend to say to me as a CFA candidate.

CFA Friends Meme: That successful friend that everyone has

And that crazy rich, successful friend of yours probably will pass the CFA exams all on the first try.

Even if you know you’re not going to pass, you should show up and give it a try anyway. Unless you’re quitting the CFA Program for good.

The job hunt struggle is real.
Cereal – the easy go-to meal replacement for study crunch periods. And packed with riboflavin.
That’s pretty much what I said when I explained the CFA exam to my parents.

“We are finished! Nada, no more!”

​Robin Williams, we miss you.

Would you retake if you failed? I honestly don’t know (hope I don’t have to find out!).

My challenge to memefy every Friends episode

Here are the meme-fied seasons so far:
Season 1 ∙ Season 2 ∙ Season 3

I’m aiming to complete one season every two weeks or so. Our subscribers will be notified every time a new season lands!

Do you think I’ll complete my challenge? Want another show memeified? Let me know!


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