CFA® Exam Meme Challenge: Every Friends Episode in Season 2

By Neil Harkness

Here are the meme-fied seasons so far:
Season 1 ∙ Season 2 ∙ Season 3

The continuation of my misguided attempt to create at least one CFA meme from every Friends episode, ever.

First, it was season 1. Now, it’s time for season 2 to get the CFA exam makeover.

As a reminder, here are the rules of the challenge:

  1. All memes must relate to the CFA Program or CFA exams.
  2. At least one meme per episode. More is fine.
  3. Double episodes are considered two separate episodes.
  4. Accurate dialogue must be used. No swapping out words for convenience.​

If you have any ideas to add, let me know via the comments – I’ll mock them up and add them in here.

Without further ado – here’s Season 2!

S02E01 – The One with Ross’s New Girlfriend

If you ever wondered what the MPS scores are, 300 Hours probably has the best estimates based on candidate research.

S02E02 – The One With the Breast Milk

It’s not recommended to skip topics, but when you’re pressed for time…

S02E03 – ​The One Where Heckles Dies

S02E04 – ​The One with Phoebe’s Husband

I’ve never slept well the night before a big exam, and the CFA exam was no exception. Nerves are annoying.

S02E05 – ​The One with Five Steaks and an Eggplant

S02E06 – ​The One with the Baby on the Bus

Have multiple systems in place to wake you up on exam day, especially if you’ve been up late cramming the night before. We don’t recommend cramming, but if you decide to do it, we do have some pointers.​
You won’t need to fulfil work experience requirements until you pass CFA Level 3, but if you’re concerned, here’s how to check if your work experience is relevant, and some tips to get it approved by CFA Institute.

S02E07 – ​The One Where Ross Finds Out

Just so you know, the 5 sampling biases are ​data-mining bias, sample selection bias, survivorship bias, look-ahead bias, and time-period bias.

Don’t worry, I had to look that up.

Studying during the workweek is for the hardcore. I couldn’t make it work, but Christine’s done the research, interviewed candidates, and here are her tips.
Remember that taking a day off now and then is completely normal and fine!

S02E08 – ​The One with the List

Ah, when you’re fresh and excited, and thinking about how you’re going to perfectly format your awesome study notes.

S02E09 – ​The One with Phoebe’s Dad

That awkward moment when the person you’re speaking to wants to ask if you failed last year, but doesn’t want to sound insensitive…
Sometimes I do feel that birds could probably get a better mock exam score.

S02E10 – The One With Russ

Whether you’re at a study group or forum, there’s always a guy like this.

S02E11 – ​The One with the Lesbian Wedding

S02E12 – ​The One After the Superbowl, Part 1

S02E13 – ​The One After the Superbowl, Part 2

Pun absolutely intended.

S02E14 – ​The One with the Prom Video

You can get cleared if you’re investigated. But try not to get investigated.

S02E15 – ​The One Where Ross and Rachel…You Know

Nice and shiny new books make me all warm and fuzzy inside.
The first morning after exam day, where you can just sit…and do nothing. Bliss.
No matter what you might hear on r/CFA, please don’t wear a suit to exam day. 

S02E16 – The One Where Joey Moves Out

Who says studying can’t be sexy?

S02E17 – ​The One Where Eddie Moves In

It’s unlikely, but calculators do run out of battery during the exam. Bring two, or bring spare batteries and a screwdriver!

S02E18 – ​The One Where Dr. Ramoray Dies

Mock exam scores will improve with practice. You improve with every additional mock exam, even if sometimes your scores are still not encouraging.

S02E19 – ​The One Where Eddie Won’t Go

Functional, and you learn something new!

S02E20 – ​The One Where Old Yeller Dies

When you poke furiously at the BA II Plus for over 5 minutes…
…and you’re convinced that you’re way, way off…
…but when the calculator’s answer magically matches the correct answer…

…do you get irrationally proud as I do?

S02E21 – ​The One with the Bullies

People say the most exasperating things to CFA candidates. “It can’t be that hard!” is possibly one of the most annoying ones.

S02E22 – ​The One with the Two Parties

After my Level 1 exam, I had two beers, collapsed and the next day had a hangover the size of Russia. Abstinence for 4 months can really make you a lightweight.

S02E23 – ​The One with the Chicken Pox

This happened every weekend when I was studying.

S02E24 – ​The One with Barry and Mindy’s Wedding

Jokes aside, good luck for your upcoming CFA exams!!!

My challenge to memefy every Friends episode

Here are the meme-fied seasons so far:
Season 1 ∙ Season 2 ∙ Season 3

I’m aiming to complete one season every two weeks or so. Our subscribers will be notified every time a new season lands!

Do you think I’ll complete my challenge? Want another show memeified? Let me know!


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