CFA® Exam Meme Challenge: Memefying Every Friends Episode in Season 1

Here are the meme-fied seasons so far:
Season 1 ∙ Season 2 ∙ Season 3

For CFA exam study breaks, I either watched an episode of Friends, or, er, created dank memes. ​

​So when I was deciding what to contribute to 300 Hours, the choice was obvious: combine my two unholy pastimes and see what happens.

Behold, the Friends CFA Exam Meme Challenge: memefy every episode of Friends, ever.

No challenge is complete without rules. Here are the ones I’ve agreed to:

  1. All memes must relate to the CFA Program or CFA exams.
  2. At least one meme per episode. More is fine.
  3. Double episodes are considered two separate episodes.
  4. Accurate dialogue must be used. No swapping out words for convenience.

I’ll target the more memorable scenes where possible – this turned out to be harder than I thought it would be. Also, if you have any meme suggestions, let me know via the comments – I’ll mock them up and add them in here.

Here’s Season 1 of Friends in CFA exam memes!

S01E01 – The Pilot

The start of Friends also has a meme befitting the start of every candidates’ CFA journey.
Ah…nothing like the sinking pit of despair when you’ve seen how low your first mock exam score is.

S01E02 – The One With the Sonogram at the End

I never really did fully understand Markowitz’s Efficient Frontier. Someone kind enough to send me an ELI5?

S01E03 – The One with the Thumb

“Modest gifts and entertainment are acceptable, but special care must be taken by members and candidates to resist subtle and not-so-subtle pressures to act in conflict with the interests of their clients.”

​Where is the modest-immodest line drawn?!

S01E04 – ​The One with George Stephanopoulos

S01E05 – ​The One with the East German Laundry Detergent

I really, really wanted to make this line work.

S01E06 – ​The One with the Butt

OK, so I’m one of those that bring a lot of pencils to the CFA exam. I don’t want to waste time sharpening them during the exam, and they all came in one big pack!

S01E07 – ​The One with the Blackout

No matter how hard I try, some CFA questions aren’t meant to be understood. Or answered correctly. That’s what I think.

S01E08 – ​The One Where Nana Dies Twice

I hope I’m not tempting fate with this. *knocks on wood*

S01E09 – ​The One Where Underdog Gets Away

Getting motivation to start studying really is the hardest part…

S01E10 – ​The One with the Monkey

Still unrealistic to a degree though – what dates?!

S01E11 – ​The One with Mrs. Bing

Paolo may lick hands and is generally a scumbag, but does that put him in violation of Standard I(D) Misconduct? He did come on to Phoebe though, so…

S01E12 – ​The One with the Dozen Lasagnas

I still have my CFA Level 1 curriculum to refer to, but what do charterholders do once they’ve passed all the exams?

S01E13 – ​The One with the Boobies

Even when told exactly how to do it, I sometimes still can’t do it.
They may not be love, but snacking while studying feels good.

S01E14 – ​The One with the Candy Hearts

No more words are needed.

S01E15 – ​The One with the Stoned Guy

We’ve all heard stories of crazy candidates…
…that, irritatingly, somehow end up passing anyway.

S01E16 – ​The One with Two Parts: Part 1

You’ve probably caught on by now – I’m not very good at calculation questions.
Procrastination may be the thief of time, but is also the mother of creativity. When it comes to excuses, that is.

S01E17 – ​The One with Two Parts: Part 2

Failing your CFA exams, then having to tell the same people that have been repeating “I’m sure you’ll pass” to you throughout. Lovely.

S01E18 – ​The One with All the Poker

Superior returns guaranteed.

S01E19 – ​The One Where the Monkey Gets Away

S01E20 – ​The One with the Evil Orthodontist

S01E21 – ​The One with the Fake Monica

Show up for CFA exam day even if you know you’ll fail – it’s a free option and you might learn something.

S01E22 – ​The One with the Ick Factor

S01E23 – ​The One with the Birth

You are allowed in if you’re up to 30 minutes late, but why do that to yourself?

S01E24 – ​The One Where Rachel Finds Out

Well, there’s always the next exam.

My challenge to memefy every Friends episode

Here are the meme-fied seasons so far:
Season 1 ∙ Season 2 ∙ Season 3

I’m aiming to complete one season every two weeks or so. Our subscribers will be notified every time a new season lands!

Do you think I’ll complete my challenge? Want another show memeified? Let me know!


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  1. I applaud the effort and pointlessness of this endeavour. I will be trying out the good luck ritual, thanks for that suggestion…


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