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Which CFA Question Bank Is Better? CFA Institute vs Prep Providers

There are 3 main sources of CFA exam practice questions: 10-30 end-of-chapter (EOC) questions found at the end of each reading in the CFA Institute curriculum books, 1-3 sets of CFA mock papers from CFA Institute’s Learning ecosystem, or CFA question banks from third party providers like Kaplan Schweser, UWorld, Wiley, Bloomberg and Salt Solutions. ​Which source of practice questions deserves most …

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CFA® Exam Meme Challenge: Every Friends Episode in Season 3

Here are the meme-fied seasons so far: Season 1 ∙ Season 2 ∙ Season 3 We’re into the third season of my journey to CFA-memefy every Friends episode. Bring on Season 3! As a reminder, here are the rules of the challenge: Memes about CFA exam candidate life. At least one meme per episode. More is fine. Double episodes …

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