TI BA II Plus guide - how to use BA II Plus CFA calculator

BA II Plus Guide: How To Use Your Calculator Better For Exams

Speed and accuracy matter for the CFA, FRM and CAIA exams. It is worth investing some time to learn how to use your calculator more effectively. Our BA II Plus guide is the ultimate list of some lesser-known, time-saving BA II Plus functions that you need to know for your CFA exam preparations, regardless of level. …

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Customize Your Free CFA Study Planner 3

Customize Your Free CFA Study Planner

“Love the website content and the CFA study planner has become an absolute necessity for me! It helped me clear Level 1 in my first attempt by always keeping me on top of my study schedule. “ Reshma Menon, CFA L2 candidate [New: Planner updated to accommodate all 2021-2022 exam dates and curriculum] So you’ve decided to …

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Free CFA Study Materials List

The Free CFA Study Materials List [2021 Edition]

The CFA program is a lot cheaper than other postgraduate qualifications, but hey, every little helps, right? Be careful though – free CFA exam materials floating around the internet can be outdated or inaccurate. So we’ve compiled the best available free CFA study materials just for you, so you can get straight into exam preparation …

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hp12c user guide - how to use hp12c

How To Use HP12C Calculator Better for CFA, FRM and CAIA Exams

This is a guide on how to use HP12C calculator. If you’re using Texas Instruments BA II Plus calculator, check out our how-to guide here. The HP12C calculator is Hewlett Packard’s longest and best-selling product, in continual production since its introduction in 1981. Due to its simple operation for key financial calculations, the calculator long ago …

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CFA Level 1 Ethics: Our Cheat Sheet 4

CFA Level 1 Ethics: Our Cheat Sheet

If mastered, Ethics can be the ace up your sleeve throughout your CFA exam journey, given its relative high topic-weight yet similar content across all 3 levels. That said, Ethics can be really dry to read through at times… we know, as we have gone through them ourselves. That’s why we’ve created this CFA Level …

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cfa level 1 fra

CFA Level 1 FRA: Our Cheat Sheet

Ah, I remember the days where I looked at the sheer volume of formulae and concepts in CFA Level 1 FRA (Financial Reporting and Analysis) in despair. And how I felt 5x worse when studying Level 2’s FRA section… Financial Reporting and Analysis is one of the largest hurdles in the CFA exams, especially for …

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List of free CFA practice questions

Our Ultimate Guide to CFA Practice Questions

It’s the time of the year again – few weeks before before CFA exams… it’s crunch time! We now know that practicing is one of the best ways to learn effectively for the CFA exams, with a good rule of thumb to aim to complete 5-7 sets of practice exams from a variety of providers before the big day, …

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CFA Level 1 Portfolio Management: Our Cheat Sheet 5

CFA Level 1 Portfolio Management: Our Cheat Sheet

It is probably no surprise that portfolio management is the most popular career current CFA candidates are interested in exploring further. Portfolio management is the heart of the CFA program – and they start you light and gentle in Level 1 with a broad strokes introduction, gradually increasing in difficulty and topic weight as you …

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cfa level 1 derivatives cheat sheet

CFA Level 1 Derivatives: Our Cheat Sheet

Derivatives. Perhaps no single word has a greater ability to strike fear in the hearts of CFA candidates. The readings on this topic are replete with graphs, formulas, all of which seem indecipherable, and gratuitous references to Greek letters. However, it doesn’t need to be. In fact, it can be one of your strongest topics, …

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CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments: Our Cheat Sheet 6

CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments: Our Cheat Sheet

Whilst a relatively smaller topic weight in the overall CFA Level 1 exams, Alternative Investments is an important topic career-wise if you work in asset management as it is expected to capture 49% of global asset management revenue by 2024. I personally found this topic very interesting – a nice break from the traditional fixed …

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