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Some candidates have found that music can greatly aid their productivity and concentration. Music also has been proven to enable students to study longer sessions – i.e. they prevent boredom and mental exhaustion.

However, the type of music you should use is very important. Playing the wrong kind of music can be highly counterproductive to your studies! Here are some ground rules:

  • Never use music which features singing of any language you understand. If possible, choose music without any lyrics at all.
  • Never play your music up too loud – this can break your concentration. The recommendation is to have it at a ‘just-audible’ level.
  • You know you’re concentrating well when you can’t remember what music is/was playing. If you find that the music is too distracting, try another playlist, or don’t use music.

To help you get the best out of your CFA study sessions, we’ve compiled the best of what works from our experience. 

Classical Music
Movie Soundtracks
Smooth Jazz
Video Game Soundtracks
Epic Film Soundtracks

Which CFA exam study playlist works better for you?

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