The CFA Level I Dec 2012 Results Roundup

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The CFA Level I Dec 2012 Results Roundup

By Christine

The results are out! Did you pass?

After a long wait – the question that has been bugging you has now been answered.

Just a few minutes past 9am ET, the results are finally here, and individual results emails are flying in, being opened and read as this is being typed.

Here’s a quick Q&A to round-up today’s CFA Level I results.

Results format – what are all these categories and bands?

Unfortunately the CFA Institute does not publish your detailed score. You will receive a Pass / Fail grade and in the case of a Fail, an additional Band 1-10 score (10 indicating the closest to a Pass grade). You will also receive a categorical score on your exam topics – just 3 categories: 0-50%, 51-70%, 71% and above. 

Remember that you can get further analysis on your individual result by using our free Analyze Results tool. Just enter your details and a detailed analysis will instantly be delivered to your inbox.

If you’re unsure of what a 40/60/80 score is, check out this post.

How does the pass rate compare?

This time, the pass rate was 37% – 1% lower than June 2012.

The pass rate continues to decline – below are all historical datapoints as a comparison (mouse over to interact). We’ve got more historical pass rate data here.

I didn’t pass 🙁

That really blows. We’ve gone through a few failures ourselves, so we understand how crappy it is to push yourself through all this hard work only to not get through. Here are 5 steps to make the most of this experience


If you’re not satisfied with your results and wish to request a retabulation, note that this is only a technical check to ensure that your paper was graded correctly with no mistakes. It is not a subjective reconsideration of your case so only request one if you think there has been an error in the grading process.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be upgraded to a pass as a result of retabulation – we’ve never heard of it happening, to be honest.

How were your results today? We’d be happy to hear about them below, and remember to get detailed analysis from our Analyze Results tool!

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


24 thoughts on “The CFA Level I Dec 2012 Results Roundup”

  1. Passed! – Materials used: CFA Institute Curriculum, CFA Institute Practice Questions & Exams, Kaplan Schweser – Your 40/60/80 score is: 64.7% Thanks, guys. You’re doing great work.

  2. Passed. Here are the results of my score analysis: – Your 40/60/80 score is: 73.7% – Your minimum score is: 64.7% – Your maximum score is: 90.5% Thank you so much for providing this tool, it is quite helpful.

  3. – Your indicated grade: Pass – Materials used: CFA Institute Curriculum, CFA Institute Practice Questions & Exams, Kaplan Schweser,, – Your 40/60/80 score is: 71.3% – Your minimum score is: 62.3% – Your maximum score is: 87% I walked out thinking this could have gone either way, as I did not have anywhere close to 300 hours to prepare. On top, employer did not let me have any time off, and I ended up working late the night before the exam. Very happy that I ended up in the 37%. Haven’t actually posted to 300hours before, but I did read virtually every blog post over the few months that I studied for level I. Quite helpful, thanks for this resource.

    • Congrats James P, you’re most welcome. It’s comments like these that make our days worthwhile, so don’t hesitate to say hi or let us know your thoughts in the future. We’ll see you around for Level II and Level III – go celebrate now!

  4. Passed. – Your indicated grade: Pass – Materials used: CFA Institute Curriculum, CFA Institute Practice Questions & Exams. – Your 40/60/80 score is: 66,3%

  5. Did not pass 🙁 40/60/80 score: 63% Must have really bombed the Quant Methods. But will be trying again in the summer!

    • Hi Nate, Sorry to hear that, but we love your never-give-up attitude! We will be working on analysing candidates’ performance in this exam to provide some helpful insights to you all. Our semi annual Results Analysis Report should be ready in a month’s time. Stay tuned for that. Christine

    • Hi Nova, All the historical pass rates are under the section “How does the pass rate compare?” above. It’s been around this region since 2003. Don’t worry, we hope with our tips and guidance at 300 Hours (+ some hardwork on your part), you’ll have a solid chance to pass in June. We are here for you! Christine

  6. Passed. Thanks so much for this website, guidance, and support. This site has certainly been and will continue to be a valuable resource. – Your indicated grade: Pass – Materials used: CFA Institute Curriculum, CFA Institute Practice Questions & Exams, Kaplan Schweser, – Your 40/60/80 score is: 74.7% – Your minimum score is: 65.7% – Your maximum score is: 92%

  7. PASSED!!!!!! Thanks for participating! Here is your estimate summary: – Your indicated grade: Pass – Materials used: CFA Institute Curriculum, Kaplan Schweser – Your 40/60/80 score is: 73.6% – Your minimum score is: 63.2% – Your maximum score is: 90.5%


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