All The Dates You Need for the December 2015 CFA Exams

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By Christine

Want to keep track of all your CFA Dec 2015 dates?

Keeping track of the CFA schedule and calendar is tough when all you want to do is make sure you’re remembering enough of the CFA curriculum to pass the exams. Your brain juice is precious enough as it is!

To help you out, we’ll cover all relevant dates for the December 2015 CFA exams here, as well as any registration questions you may have. We also now help candidates keep track of these dates via our constantly-updated CFA Calendar, which will always contain the latest relevant CFA dates for all exams.

What are the key dates I need to have in my diary for December 2015?

All dates relevant to the CFA December 2015 CFA exam are as below:

December 2015 Exam Calendar (Level I only)

January 2015
Upon registration
18 March
19 August
16 September
23 September
19 October
5 December
December 2015–January 2016
Late January 2016
December 2015 exam registration opens
Practice tests and mock exam are available
Early registration fee deadline
Registration (standard fee) deadline
Final (late) registration fee deadline
Final deadline for disability & religious alternate date accommodation requests
Test center change request deadline
Exam admission tickets become available
Exam day
Exams graded
Exam results available

How do the registration fees vary across the three deadlines?

As Mike recommends, you should always aim to register early, and the latest by the second deadline, which for the December 2015 CFA exams is the 19th of August 2015. By the final deadline, there is a double-whammy of facing a high fee, and a very short deadline to study for the actual exam.

The fee breakdown by deadline for the December 2015 exams is as below. You can see how the exam fee increases sharply after the second deadline (plus you’ll have a lot less time to prepare)!

Deadline (Eastern Time)
1st-Time Enrollment Fee
Exam Fee
18 Mar 2015, 23:59 ET
19 Aug 2015, 23:59 ET
16 Sep 2015, 23:59 ET

What’s this ‘1st-Time Enrollment Fee’?

This is the fee that’s only applicable if you’re new to the CFA program. If this is your first time registering for a CFA exam ever, then you’ll have to pay this fee, otherwise you don’t.

Do I get print curriculum books with my registration?


Your registration fee includes the e-version of the curriculum, plus practice tests, mock exams and the CFA Institute’s study planner (you can also create your own using Sophie’s guide here.)

If you’d like your own print curriculum, you’ll be able to buy it during the registration checkout process for US$150 + shipping. You can also buy it post-registration if you like.

I have another question. Can I get a response from you guys?

You can! We know that pre-registration is a period of confusion and possibly many questions for a lot of our readers. If you have any question at all, always remember that you can reach us at the 300 Hours Forum. No question is too small, and we will always help any candidate that reaches out for help!

Can I add this to my calendar easily?

Yes! Remember that you can always find all relevant confirmed dates in our CFA Calendar, which can be found on the sidebar of this blog, our Forum and on its own page. You can also add this constantly-updated calendar to your own personal calendar using the instructions here.

If you’ve got a question for us, you can start a thread in the 300 Hours Forum, or simply comment below!

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