CFA CFA General August 2021 CFA exam window closed without notice?


August 2021 CFA exam window closed without notice?

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      I just noticed that the August registration on the CFA website is now closed – what the hell? I thought we had something like 10 more days? The website now says that registration now closes on April 22 but it was May 4 before.

      Is this a temporary issue or is it really closed?

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      I also saw the change today. Initially, I thought it was my fault that I got confused with November deadlines. But after seeing this post I’m reaffirmed. What can be done about this? Is there a way to register for August dates now? Meanwhile I’ve mailed them my concerns.

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      They’ve definitely changed it without notice, it was happening all the time last year.

      Here’s the CFA Institute deadlines page a few days ago (deadline May 4th):

      And now (“deadline” April 22):

      Welcome to COVID CFA 20/21, where deadlines are made up and exams are cancelled whenever! /s

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      Hello @prasoonbatham,

      Did they reply to your concern? Is there a way to get this sorted?


    • Zee Tan

      It looks like this change is real, i.e. the registration window is now closed. In 2020 during the Covid exam cancellations, CFA Institute has moved deadlines around without notice so this won’t be the first time this has happened.

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      Has anyone had any luck with CFAI on this?

      I assumed I would be able to register for CFA L2 before 4 May 2021 as this date was previously advertised, but now see the deadline was brought forward to 22 April 2021. I’ve emailed them my concerns. I don’t recall being notified about the change.

      Very frustrating when you’ve already invested effort and money in preparing for the exam!

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      Tried emailing and contact form, got zero response. Called and finally got through, they pretty much said sorry but it is what it is.

      I understand that this is due to the pandemic but I’m beyond frustrated by this.

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