Looking for a Job? Avoid These Recruiter Pet Peeves (Part 2)

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By Rachel Bryant, author of Direct Path to the CFA Charter

This is the second part of a 2-part series. To read Part 1, click here.

In my past post, I wrote about 5 key things to avoid when working with recruiters. But there are quite a few more pet peeves that recruiters have, mistakes that many people still make today. In today’s post, I’ll go through 5 more pet peeves you should avoid when dealing with recruiters.

6:  Don’t allow yourself to be double submitted for the same job by different recruiters

Too often, a person will get submitted to the same job opening by two different recruiting firms.  This does not help your chances.  Worse, whether accidental or on purpose, this will get you blacklisted from the company considering you for this job.  Why?  Because companies assume that you are playing recruiters off of each other to get a higher starting salary.  In other words, you were working with Recruiter A for a certain job, but you decided to also let Recruiter B submit you for the same job because Recruiter B suggests that he or she can get you a higher salary or better benefits.  

Ultimately, the recruiter is not paying your salary, the company is.  And companies do not like paying extra.  So, the company will assume that a double submittal is evidence of this scenario and will blacklist you from consideration.  

How to avoid being accidentally double submitted?  Keep an Excel document of every job number that you have applied for so that you will always know which companies and which job postings already have your résumé.  Check any recommended job postings from a new recruiter against this list.  It is okay, though, to have a recruiter submit you for a job that you already submitted to yourself online.  

7:  Don’t skim recruiters’ emails

The recruiters I talked with relayed the following common exchange with job candidates: The recruiter sends an email: “Please reply with an updated copy of your résumé in Word format and a number at which you can be reached.”  The candidate responds: “Sounds great! Go ahead and submit me! What do you need from me?”  Recruiter: “I need your résumé…”

8:  Don’t back out after you get an offer without a good excuse

This will also get you blacklisted from working with the recruiter again in the future.  At this stage, “I changed my mind” does not really cut it as a good excuse.  If you find out during the interview that you do not like the company or the opportunity (completely understandable), let the recruiter know as soon as possible so you do not end up with an offer that you then reject.

9:  Don’t lie on your résumé

An obvious one, but still a good way to get blacklisted.  If lying is uncovered through a background check, the recruiting firm will blacklist you from that point forward.

10:  Don’t stop answering your phone/disappear/become unresponsive

If you have changed your mind or do not want the job, let the recruiter know.  Remember, you may need this recruiter again someday.  Try to be courteous.

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Now that you know some of these recruiter pet peeves, you can keep recruiters happy and take one step closer to converting your CFA candidacy or charterholder status into a new job! This is Part 2 of the series – you can read about 5 more recruiter pet peeves in Part 1 here

How is your job search going?  Or what kind of job do you hope to get when you complete the CFA program?  Post in the comments below!

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