If You’re Despairing About Your CFA Exams, Here’s What Sophie Has to Say

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By Sophie  

This is the hardest time. You’ve worked so hard for a few months now, and there’s (still) another 2 months to go and sometimes it can feel like you don’t know or remember anything you’ve read. Familiar?

With hardly much fun or social life, it’s tempting to eat a giant pizza to chew on to reduce stress and cheer yourself up from this occasional despair. It’s too early to burn out at this stage trying to balance work, study and life – that’s why we’re here for at 300 Hours! Give us a shout in the forum if you have any questions, or even if it’s just to say Hi (during your study break), or to moan about Forward Rate Agreements. 

Here’s some light-hearted collective advice from the 300 Hours team, just to keeps your spirits up and say “you can do this”!

At this stage of your revision, it’s normal to feel like this at times…
It’s tempting to take it slower but you risk falling behind your schedule
Do whatever it takes to stay on track, or else this will inevitably happen…
I’ve been there, done that with all 3 CFA levels, and let me tell you that…
Anyone can pass the CFA exams, but only you can make it happen…
And more importantly – practice, practice, practice!
What are you waiting for? There’s nothing to be afraid of…
It’s the attitude that matter…
With 60 days left, make the most of it and make it count!
Because it’ll all be worthwhile in the end.
All in all, just a very long-winded way to say that “you’ll get there soon, and we know how you’re feeling at this stage because we’ve gone through the same tough exams ourselves too”! 

Say Hi to the 300 Hours team in the forum, or share and discuss questions with the community to sharpen your understanding of the CFA materials – it’s always the best way to learn!

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