Dec CFA Level I 2013 Results Roundup – The Highest Pass Rate Since June 2009

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By Christine

The results are out – how did you do?

After a long wait – the question that has been bugging you has now been answered. At just a few minutes past 9am ET, the results are finally here, and individual results emails are flying in, being opened and read as this is being typed.

Here’s a quick Q&A to round-up today’s CFA Level I results.

Where’s my actual score?

Unfortunately the CFA Institute does not publish your detailed score. You will receive a Pass / Fail grade and in the case of a Fail, an additional Band 1-10 score (10 indicating the closest to a Pass grade). You will also receive a categorical score on your exam topics – just 3 categories: 0-50%, 51-70%, 71% and above. 

However, you can get an instant estimated score here.

Remember that you can get further analysis on your individual result by using our free Analyze Results tool. Just enter your details and a detailed analysis will instantly be delivered to your inbox.

How does the pass rate compare with other years?

This time, the pass rate was 43% – quite a bit higher than June 2013 than June 2012. In fact, 43% is the highest pass rate since June 2009, and the second highest pass rate since June 2003!

Below are all historical datapoints as a comparison (mouse over to interact). We’ve got more historical pass rate data here.

Dealing with failure

We know that in actuality the majority of CFA candidates do not pass – we’ve got several good reads to get you back on track again!

How were your results today? We’d be happy to hear about them below, and remember to get detailed analysis from our Analyze Results tool!

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