how to get a cfa scholarship orig

CFA Scholarships: How to Successfully Get Them

Aside from the time commitment, there is a considerable cost to pursuing the CFA charter, especially for students. Level 1 enrollment and registration fees alone can be as high as $1,600, not including any third-party materials you might need. Luckily, there are a variety of CFA scholarships available for candidates, allowing you to reduce the enrollment and signup …

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best CFA Level 2 study order

What Is The Best CFA Level 2 Study Order? [2024]

Level 1 Topic Order • Level 2 Topic Order • Level 3 Topic Order There are 47 Learning Modules in CFA Level 2’s 2024 curriculum across 10 topics. But should you study the topics chronologically? Or is there an optimal CFA Level 2 study order? We often get these questions in the 300Hours forum (which, by the way, you can join for …

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cfa curriculum changes 2024

CFA Curriculum Changes 2024: A Solid Summary

Note: This article is for the new 2024 curriculum. For last year’s info, check out our article on 2023 CFA curriculum changes. The new 2024 CFA curriculum is now out for all 3 levels, with some 2024 exams already open for registration. With CFA Program’s big revamp coming up for 2024/2025, we have done all …

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CFA vs CPA_ Which Suits You Better

CFA vs CPA: Which Is Best For You?

There is understandably a lot of comparison and confusion between different financial qualifications. CFA vs CPA is no exception – they even sound similar! We have had chartered accountants share their CFA experiences before, but in this article we will specifically compare the CPA and CFA charter in all aspects: career paths, exam formats, exam …

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cfa and frm

CFA and FRM: Best Way to Get Both Quickly

When looking to boost my financial expertise and qualifications, I went through what was a fairly common dilemma a few years ago: CFA or FRM? My question was then: why not both CFA and FRM, together? In a competitive world of finance, with companies desiring prospective employees to have a broad range of skillset and knowledge, …

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