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CFA Exams Coronavirus Updates: How COVID-19 Can Affect Candidates

By Christine Martinez Update 19 Mar 2020: The CFA June 2020 exams has been postponed to later dates. You can read our detailed update here. You’ve got enough stress with the CFA exams already – then comes the coronavirus. In the past few months, the coronavirus has caused a level of disruption – and financial market …

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How to Successfully Get A Job as a Portfolio Manager

By hairyfairy (with input from Arbitrageur) Portfolio management is one of the most sought-after roles in finance. Trusted with (sometimes) billions of dollars, a portfolio manager makes investment decisions for high net worth funds or institutions according to their risk appetite and other preferences.  It’s also one of the most relevant job profiles to CFA®️ …

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Master CFA Essays and Item-Sets with Kaplan Schweser’s Workshops

Besides understanding the CFA curriculum, we’ve stressed time and again how important it is to understand the actual format of the CFA exam to stand a chance of passing. This becomes even more important when you reach CFA Levels II and III. To successfully navigate the item-set and essay format, time management, question comprehension and …

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Ace Your Phone Interview in 7 Simple Steps

My first phone interview was a magnificent disaster. I fumbled my own bloody name, couldn’t go through my  work experience without mixing up words, and I forgot the name of who I was speaking to.  Basically, I was ripped to shreds. At the first round, over a phone, by HR. As interviewing is really one …

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