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By Zee

For some of our readers, today potentially could be the end of the CFA exams!

Hopefully for the majority of our readers, the long journey is over, and you’re finally nearing the end of your charterholder effort! In this cover-all article, we go through the results, as well as what you should do after receiving your result.

The Results for Level III June 2015  – Pass Rate of 53%

Comparing to past years, which pass rates were:

  • 2014: 54%
  • 2013: 49%
  • 2012: 52%

The pass rate in recent years has been steadying somewhat from the long-term trend of decline – below are all historical datapoints as a comparison (mouse over to interact). We’ve got more historical pass rate data here.

Further analyze your results

The official CFA Institute results are not as specific as we’d like them to be. But using our Analyze Results tool, you can get 

  • your minimum and maximum scores
  • our rough estimate as to what your score was.
  • and how you did relative to all the candidates in our sample

And it’s all free!

Just enter in your results in the form below, and we’ll send your personal analysis straight to you. All of your personal data is strictly confidential.

I PASSED! What should I do next?

Check your work experience, and register to be a charterholder

You’re finally done with the exams, but you’ll still need to look at your work experience requirements to register as a CFA charterholder. We have written a guide to help you assess and draft your work experience, as well as your required sponsors:

Forum members, get your Class of 2015 badge!

Forum members will be familiar with our awesome badges – you can get a Level III Completed badge, as well as a Class of 2015 badge! Just use the links below if you’re already signed into the forum:

I didn’t pass 🙁

About retabulation

If you’re not satisfied with your results and wish to request a retabulation, note that this is only a technical check to ensure that your paper was graded correctly with no mistakes. It is not a subjective reconsideration of your case so only request one if you think there has been an error in the grading process.

It’s highly unlikely that you’ll be upgraded to a pass as a result of retabulation – we’ve never heard of it happening, to be honest.

Don’t give up!

You’re at Level 3 – just one more to go. We know that the competition in Level 3 is fierce, and with the wide variety of essay questions and topics, there is a huge element of chance in play as well. Even if this didn’t go your way this time, this should not be where it ends, keep on trying and it’ll come eventually.

You can still request our This is Sparta! badge – a promise to bring it on with even more determination next year!


How did results day go for you? Let us know in the comments below!
Zee Tan
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