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By Christine

If you’re taking your CFA exams this June – hopefully you’re making some good progress in your revision!

Based on our CFA Results Analysis Report, we know that there are two particular subjects that are important to CFA candidates – Ethics and Quantitative Methods.

Ethics, as we’ve mentioned before, is an important subject for two reasons. One, the ethics adjustment, which means that if a candidate is a borderline pass/fail, CFA Institute uses the candidate’s performance in Ethics to decide whether to pass or fail that particular candidate. Two, there is a lot of Ethics overlap throughout all 3 levels, so it makes a lot of sense to master it in Level I.

Quantitative Methods is simply a topic that many candidates find trouble with. It is consistently one of the topics candidates find the toughest, and also a very heavily-weighted subject in the Level I exam.

Which is why today we’re really happy to be able to offer our Level I readers a video workshop on Ethics, as well as Quantitative Methods!


7city (whom we’ve spoken to before) has kindly allowed us to feature this exclusive 70-minute video workshop for our members. In this workshop, you’ll be guided through 15 example questions – 5 Ethics questions, and 10 Quantitative Methods questions. There is also a downloadable printout of these 15 questions for you to use while going through the video. 

It’s not just a good high-level overview of Ethics and Quantitative Methods, but also a good exercise in your CFA question-answering technique, which is crucial in maintaining a clear and deductive thought flow in tricky CFA questions.

If you’ve registered as a 300 Hours member, you can proceed to the members area now to download the workshop printout as well as access the complete workshop video. In 70 minutes, instructor Tom Gordon from 7city gives a good overview on how to approach questions, key phrases to watch out for, and reason through each possible answer. 

If you haven’t registered yet – do it right now using the form below. It’s free, and you’ll not just get access to this workshop, but a slew of other CFA advantages, such as our 10 CFA Commandments. Alternatively you can also access the workshop via the 300 Hours Community.

After registering, the members area will point you to where to access the videos and download the workshop printout.

We’re really happy to be able to offer this to you guys, and we hope to be bringing more your way soon! If you’re interested in 7city, remember that we’ve got a 10% discount code that you can use.

Have you gone through the workshop? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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