4 Easy Steps You Can Do Right Now for CFA Success In the New Year

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By Christine

Happy New Year!

We hope that you’ve had a smashing holiday and are ready (as much as you’ll be, anyway) to jump back in the thick of things. To get you cracking, there are a few easy steps that you can complete in the next 5 minutes or so, which we guarantee will make a HUGE difference to the way you approach and prepare for your upcoming CFA exams.

If you do one CFA-related task today, make it these 4 easy steps below.


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4. Start slow if you have to. But start.
Time needed: as much as you want to start with

The hardest part in progress is taking the first step. Don’t be stuck on the cycle of planning the best start ever, only to keep putting off because your plans becoming more and more elaborate. Just start studying – don’t be terribly bothered if it’s only a few pages in the first day.

Good luck with your preparations! If you have any questions, remember that the team here have passed all three CFA exams and are always willing to help. Just drop a comment below!

Zee Tan
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