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By Zee

We’ve been working on this for weeks on end, and we’re so excited that we are finally offering it to you, dear readers!

Since the start of this blog, we’ve uniquely offered killer tips based on analysis of actual data submitted by our readers, all in one easy-to-read report. Our previous two editions have received a humbling response and praise from our readers: thank you for your kind words.

And today, we’re updating our CFA Results Analysis report to its Third Edition, with even more tips and analyses than before.

So what is the 300 Hours CFA Results Analysis report?

All the CFA results analyses we’ve done, at a ridiculously low cost.
Everything we’ve ever learnt from analysing the 2012 and 2013 exams can be found in this one report. Because we know that CFA materials already cost candidates a lot, we’ve kept the cost of this report for you as low as possible – enough to buy us some beers!

An incredible CFA advantage.

We know that as a CFA candidate you’ve got a ton of stuff to read. That’s why we’ve made this Results Analysis as easily digestible as possible – clear visuals, pointed conclusions, and fast answers. We’ve compressed as much learnings as possible into as smooth a read as possible.

We guarantee that it will be the best investment that you’ll make for your CFA prep – in both time and value.

Packed with data-backed CFA tips you’ll never find anywhere else.

We’ve written endlessly about how to better improve your approach to preparing for the CFA exams. But there are still several questions that can only be answered with hard, data-backed evidence. 

What is the actual scores you’ll need to achieve to pass? When do you actually need to start studying? How many practice exams is enough? Our analysis across thousands of candidates allow us to shed light on these questions using actual data.


Readable across multiple formats.

Like to read across multiple devices, or simply print it out on paper? Our Results Analysis will be readable from almost any device, and uses a custom ratio and sizing that ensures maximum readability across different screen sizes.

Whether you’re reading on your phone, tablet, screen or on print, our Results Analysis will work!

You’ll be supporting us, and getting something awesome in return.

When we first started 300 Hours, we had no idea that maintaining a site like this actually cost quite a lot. We really enjoy helping candidates better prepare for the CFA exams, and we would welcome any contribution to help us continue. Getting this report is a relatively painless way to contribute because you get something great in return.

Will you be getting the newest edition of the report? Let us know what you think in the comments below!
Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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