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Bloomberg Market Concepts: Bloomberg and Finance-Savvy Even Before Your First Job Application

21 Jan 2020

Career Advice

Many CFA candidates take the CFA exams as part of a preparation to enter a career in finance. But are there other qualifications that may be useful as well? For this post, I took a closer look at Bloomberg's financial foundations course, Bloomberg Market Concepts, taking the e-learning course over a one-week period to learn more about it. It's a pretty good course - while it will not be ubiquitously useful to everyone, it will be a great option for those ...

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Chalk and Board: CFA Courses, Essay and Item-Set Workshops by Experienced Instructors

12 Jan 2020


Would you like to have one of the most experienced instructors in the CFA industry guide you through your CFA exams? That’s the idea behind Chalk and Board. Although Chalk and Board is relatively new, ...

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Hands On with Fitch Learning’s Cognition: Features, Pricing, Trials and Discounts

7 Jan 2020


Sponsored Several weeks ago we mentioned Fitch Learning had launched Cognition, their all-in-one CFA online suite of materials. Combining what technology today has to offer in online learning, we thought Cognition was a pretty ...