Candidate looking at the CFA Institute Practice Pack

CFA Practice Pack: A Comprehensive Review

In the recent years CFA Institute has revised many long-standing aspects of the CFA exam – the shift to computer-based testing, multiple testing sessions in a year, and changes to results reporting. Their latest initiative is the CFA Institute Practice Pack – a package of mocks and practice questions made available to CFA Level 1 …

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cfa exam failure

9 Potential CFA Exam Failure Signs To Be Aware Of

If you’re studying for the CFA exam, how do you know if you’re doing OK?  How do you know you’re not on the path to possibly failing? Sure, some will say as long as you’re regularly putting in study time, you should be fine. But sometimes it’s helpful to have a quick check to see …

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The Best Headphones and Earbuds to Use When Studying for the CFA Exams

The Best Headphones for Studying (and Earbuds too)

The right set of headphones or earphones can really make a difference to an effective study or work session. Listening to music, video lectures or having video calls all depend on having a device with excellent audio quality. And with active noise cancellation features, you can instantly create a quiet, focused environment wherever you are. …

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CFA Apps - features, reviews, download

CFA Apps: Our Top 5 Shortlist

While there currently is no technology that I know of to replace studying (now there’s a dream!), there are some apps and resources that make studying for CFA exams easier. I am going to share some of my favorite CFA apps with you that will help you prepare for the CFA exam rather than procrastinate. …

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