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9 Potential CFA Exam Failure Signs To Be Aware Of

If you’re studying for the CFA exam, how do you know if you’re doing OK?  How do you know you’re not on the path to possibly failing? Sure, some will say as long as you’re regularly putting in study time, you should be fine. But sometimes it’s helpful to have a quick check to see …

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List of Top Finance Movies and Documentaries

Top 12 Best Finance Movies for CFA Candidates

“Everything I learned I learned from the movies.”  – Audrey Hepburn A while ago I went on a financial-film binge – I watched pretty much anything I could find on the subject, which was weird. I was never liked to watch films about my own industry – it felt like an extension of work. I …

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TopResume Review: Is It Worth It & Legit?

Note: I did not receive this service for free in exchange for a review, but paid for it myself. I’m writing this because I think it would be useful for everyone to get an idea of how the service is like before deciding to buy it. 🙂 Should you pay someone to professionally write your resume for …

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