best CFA Level 2 study order

What Is The Best CFA Level 2 Study Order? [2022]

Level 1 Topic Order • Level 2 Topic Order • Level 3 Topic Order There are 47 readings (or 17 study sessions) in CFA Level 2’s 2022 curriculum across 10 topics. But should you study the topics chronologically? Or is there an optimal CFA Level 2 study order? We often get these questions in the 300Hours forum (which, by the way, you …

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best CFA Level 3 study order

What’s the Best CFA Level 3 Study Order? [2022]

Level 1 Topic Order • Level 2 Topic Order • Level 3 Topic Order CFA Level 3 curriculum content has undergone a huge revamp during 2019-2021. The good news is that the 2022 CFA Level 3 changes vs. 2021 are much smaller this time around. Currently there are 35 readings (or 16 study sessions) in the CFA Level 3 syllabus …

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are third party cfa prep books necessary

Third Party CFA Prep Books: Do You Need Them? Is CFA Curriculum Enough?

The CFA program can feel costly at times, and a fair question we get all the time is whether third party CFA prep books are necessary. Isn’t the CFA curriculum itself sufficient, especially since CFA Institute will only ever test the materials covered in the curriculum? While the CFA curriculum is a fantastic source for …

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How to Be Great at Answering CFA Level 3 Essay Questions 1

How to Be Great at Answering CFA Level 3 Essay Questions

The CFA Level 3 essay questions (constructed response) tends to be many candidates’ Achilles heel, even when they accurately self-grade the essay practice questions during practice. However, there is a quick way to substantially improve your constructed response section’s performance.  Knowing the best strategies on how to answer essay questions is almost as important as …

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How to Be Great at Answering CFA Level 3 Essay Questions 2

Study Faster: How to Finish All CFA Practice Tests by Exam Day

So you bought a whole bunch of CFA practice tests. Are you on track to finish all of them by exam day? Our research, based on 900+ candidate experiences and results, shows why finishing up matters, and how you can get there. Let’s dive in! Why is it important to complete all your CFA practice …

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how long to study for cfa

How Long to Study for CFA exams? A Quick Sense Check

Whether you’re considering the CFA program, or a current candidate tracking your study progress, the question of ‘how long to study for CFA Level 1/2/3’ often pops up along the way. In this article, we look at the average range of CFA study hours clocked by past CFA candidates. However, the feasibility of achieving those …

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cfa exam failure

9 Potential CFA Exam Failure Signs To Be Aware Of

If you’re studying for the CFA exam, how do you know if you’re doing OK?  How do you know you’re not on the path to possibly failing? Sure, some will say as long as you’re regularly putting in study time, you should be fine. But sometimes it’s helpful to have a quick check to see …

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How to Be Great at Answering CFA Level 3 Essay Questions 3

How To Pass CFA Level 1 Without Studying (Much)

Hi, I’m Alexander Law, a CFA Charterholder.  Back in 2017, I managed to pass the CFA Level 1 exam with just five days of study. My scores were over 70% in all subjects except Alternative Investments and Financial Reporting & Analysis (those were in the 51-70% range). Luck definitely had some role to play in this, …

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cfa ethics

CFA Ethics: Top 10 Tips To Nail This Section [All Levels]

The Ethical and Professional Standards section is challenging for most CFA candidates given the more subjective nature of the topic and questions (vs. the rest of the curriculum), and the sheer amount of readings to go through. Regardless whether you’re new to CFA exams or a seasoned CFA Level 3 candidate, CFA Ethics section plays …

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self grade cfa level 3 essay questions

CFA Level 3 Essay Questions: How To Self-Grade Accurately

The CFA Level 3 essay questions, also known as the constructed response section, is often a significant challenge to Level 3 candidates.  Our research has also estimated that more than 93% of Level 3 candidates performed worse in the essay paper compared to the item-set paper, so improving your essay performance can really help your chances …

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