CFA Fast Track plan to pass CFA exams in the fastest way

CFA Fast Track: How to Pass the CFA Exams Quickly

It takes an average of 1,000 study hours to obtain a CFA charter, so it is worthwhile investigating the most efficient way to pass before signing up. While there are no shortcuts, there are things you can do to tip the odds in your favour.  Having completed my CFA exams in 18 months years ago …

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3 Proven Methods On How To Study Effectively For Exams 1

3 Proven Methods On How To Study Effectively For Exams

How to study for the CFA exams (or any other finance exams for that matter)? Have you ever wondered if your current study methods are effective for passing your exams? A comprehensive study called “Improving Students’ Learning With Effective Learning Techniques” by Dunlosky et al. (2013), may just help answer that.  More importantly, I’ve read through and applied …

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Study Faster: How to Finish All Mock Exams by CFA Exam Day 2

Study Faster: How to Finish All Mock Exams by CFA Exam Day

So you bought a whole bunch of mock exams. Are you on track to finish all of them by CFA exam day? Our research, based on 900+ candidate experiences and results, shows why finishing up matters, and how you can get there. Why is it important to complete all your CFA mock exams? Candidates who …

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how long to study for cfa

How Long to Study for CFA exams? A Quick Sense Check

Whether you’re considering the CFA program, or a current candidate tracking your study progress, the question of ‘how long to study for CFA Level 1/2/3’ often pops up along the way. In this article, we look at the average range of CFA study hours clocked by past CFA candidates. However, the feasibility of achieving those …

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10 Ways To Improve Your CFA Practice Exam Scores Now 3

10 Ways To Improve Your CFA Practice Exam Scores Now

We are nearly there candidates – it’s CFA practice exam season! You might be worried that your scores aren’t high enough. Candidates should be targeting a consistent practice exam score of at least 70% (the higher the better of course). But the score for your first practice exam can be quite low and demoralizing – …

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CFA exam day schedule computer based exam CBT

9 Insider Tips to Pass CFA Level 2 in 4 Months

Despite more frequent exam slots per year with computer based exams, it still takes 7-8 weeks for CFA Level 1 results to be announced. Combine this with the fact that there needs to be a minimum of ~6 months gap between CFA exams taken, many candidates – in particular CFA Level 2 candidates – find …

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cfa ethics

CFA Ethics: Top 10 Tips To Nail This Section [All Levels]

The Ethical and Professional Standards section is challenging for most CFA candidates given the more subjective nature of the topic and questions (vs. the rest of the curriculum), and the sheer amount of readings to go through. Regardless whether you’re new to CFA exams or a seasoned CFA Level 3 candidate, CFA Ethics section plays …

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Best CFA Level 1 study order

What Is The Best CFA Level 1 Study Order? [2021 & 2022]

Level 1 Topic Order • Level 2 Topic Order • Level 3 Topic Order There are 60 readings in CFA Level 1’s 2022 curriculum (57 readings in 2021’s curriculum). But should you study the topics in sequence? Or is there an optimal CFA Level 1 study order? It’s one of the popular questions we get in the 300Hours Forum (which, …

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cfa last minute preparation

CFA Last Minute Preparation: How to Cram Efficiently

Feeling like you’re running out of time? OK, calm down and take a few deep breaths. For whatever reason, perhaps you’ve now find yourself way behind schedule with a few more weeks to the CFA exams, and you can’t finish your revision in time.  What should you do? What areas to focus on if I don’t have …

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How To Guess CFA Exam Questions Better [& What Won't Work] 4

How To Guess CFA Exam Questions Better [& What Won’t Work]

It is CFA exam questions practice season now. Besides being the most effective way to prepare for the CFA exams, it’s also always a good idea to really get to know the exam format well – hence our recommendation on completing 4-6 practice exams! Regardless the preparation level, there will be times during the exam where you …

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