CFA Level III Results: A New Wave of CFA Charterholders-To-Be Arrive!

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After more than 2 months of waiting, the results to hopefully the last of many candidates’ CFA exams are here. 

If you’ve been anxiously waiting for your results and wondering what’s taking CFA Institute so long, take comfort in the fact that Level III results are being released about 1.5 weeks earlier than last year. The marking process is getting more efficient, perhaps?

I remember waiting testily on the day almost a year ago for results to arrive (see my own results breakdown here!), and it finally came at around 11AM ET, 16th Aug 2011. Here’s a video of another candidate who got the results on the same day I did – skip to 1:38 for the reaction to results.

This year the pass rates are 52%, a very slight increase compared to last year:

  • 2011: 51%
  • 2010: 46%
  • 2009: 49%
  • 2008: 53%

Historically the pass rates have been declining so hopefully they are now stabilizing!

You can get a further calculation of your 40/60/80, minimum and maximum scores using my analytics tool – check out the Analyze Results section for tools for all CFA levels.

If you’ve passed: 4 year relevant work experience aside, congratulations on almost completing the journey to being a CFA charterholder!

If you didn’t make it this time – don’t despair. You’ve only got one left – when I was taking Level III I just knew that I was going to get the charter no matter what. You’re too close to give up. Take some time off to mope, recover and relax, and come back fighting!

Congrats again to this year’s soon-to-be charterholders. How were your results? Let all of us know in the comments below!

Zee Tan
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