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By Christine

You’ve done all you can for the exam – so what should you be doing now?

If you’re a regular reader, you’d be fully informed on what you’ll have to do to ensure you have a trouble-free exam day. But just to be safe, and for our newer readers, I’ll cover all the bases here, and also take the opportunity to give y’all a virtual hug and wish you good luck for your big day.


Your state of mind is important to your exam performance. Remember to take some time off and relax right before the exam. If you need some help and advice, these articles below can help:

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Pack your things.

Pack everything the day before, so that you can reach out for your bag and be ready to go out in the morning! Hopefully you’ve read Mike’s Exam Day Survival Guide – in which case you’ll be well prepared! We’ve also got a list of things you can and can’t bring to the exam in our Exam Day Checklist here.

Ensure you arrive early.

It’s easier than you think to be late to the CFA exams. Remember that the time on your ticket is the time the exam starts, not when you have to be there. Candidates usually start filing in about 30 minutes before, and they will close the exam room/hall way before the exam is scheduled to start.

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Remember not to piss any proctors off.

Every exam day, there will be cases of candidates somehow getting themselves into trouble with the proctors. Not only will your exam be at risk of being invalidated, but you may be prevented from taking future exams. It’s really not worth losing your cool with an extra-fussy proctor – remember what you’re there to do.

Also remember not to discuss any questions – especially online.

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Enjoy your after-exam!

Remember to enjoy your time off afterward – although probably not as much as these guys.

From all of us at 300 Hours, good luck, go forth and kick ass!

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