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It’s several days after the exam – getting back to the norm of things yet?

When I was a candidate, immediately after the exams I did spend some time thinking about how I did, but this didn’t really last beyond the actual exam day – I would proceed to forget about the exam until my fellow CFA candidates reminded me that results were soon coming. In fact, one time I completely forgot results were coming out until my colleague called me to find out whether I passed.

But some candidates do worry, and sometimes I think too much, and unnecessarily so. In the past day or so, I received this email from a reader:

I appeared for my CFA L1 exam this June (Sunday). I’m not able to judge whether I did well or not. Sometimes I feel I did good, and the next moment a second thought flashes.. 
I got a 67% when I wrote my first Schweser mock test in april starting. And in the last Schweser mock I got 76% on June 1st (2 days bfore the exam).
In the CFAI mock I got a 74% and a 71%… In the final exam, I feel I would (I’m not sure) be in the same range (mostly above 70’s)..I should have made some >20 mistakes (may be more, I’m not sure again) Can you please through some light on my chances??

To which my reply was:

If I were you I wouldn’t worry too much – the scores you mention are pretty good. 67% for a first attempt is great – my first mock in Level I was 54%. As you were consistently scoring above 70% approaching the exam, as long as you replicated that performance in the actual exam you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. My Level I Commandments cover this in more detail. But in the meantime, rest your worries and focus on enjoying your post-exam time!

It’s natural to start worrying about results and how well you did, but don’t worry about it too much. Focus on enjoying the hard-earned post-exam life!

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