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[Update 24th July 2012] The results are out for Level I and Level II June 2012!

The result dates are out – if you are a CFA June 2012 candidate you should have received an email informing you of the exact time your CFA results will be released.

For those who still do not know, the dates are:

  • CFA Level I & II: 24th July 2012, after 9am EDT
  • CFA Level III: 7th August 2012, after 9am EDT

Note that I bolded “after 9am EDT”? You’ll probably receive it an hour or so after the stated time – the CFA Institute has well over 100,000 emails to send so that takes quite a while. My advice is to not to think about the whole thing too much – one year I managed to forget the date of the results, which was great for my nerves.

Check your email to see if you have received the email – if not chances are CFA Institute has the wrong address for you and you need to correct it!

“We will e-mail your June 2012 Level X CFA exam results to you on Tuesday, 24 July / 7 August 2012, after 9:00 a.m. EDT.  Please take a moment to ensure we have the correct e-mail address on file for you:

To change your e-mail address, please log in to manage your account no later than Monday, 23 July 2012. You will need your username and password to access your account. If you need assistance logging into your account, please click here (”

Meanwhile you can check out my FAQ on CFA results, and also remember to check back when results are released for a special results analytics tool to use for your CFA results when you get them!

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  1. 10:40 EDT and still results not out. some of us with yahoo mail have gotten it but some using hotmail HAVE NOT received it


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