csric chartered sri counselor guide

Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC): Our Useful Guide

The demand for more sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing options is real, even at the retail investor level: This demand for SRI expertise in the financial advisory space has led to the creation of the Chartered SRI CounselorSM designation (CSRIC®), which is developed by College for Financial Planning (CFFP, a Kaplan company) in partnership …

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garp scr exam guide

GARP SCR Certificate: A Handy Beginner’s Guide

One of the key lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic is that we must react swiftly to high probability, high impact risks — and delays are costly. The climate is changing. And the risks from climate change are only going to rise over the foreseeable future. As climate risk management continues to develop towards being a discrete job title, managing …

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What Does An ESG Analyst Do & How To Become One

If you are looking for financial job vacancies, you’ll undoubtedly come across a number of roles associated with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) sector, including that of an ESG Analyst. Not only is this becoming an increasingly popular career choice, but it is also one of the most pronounced industry trends in recent times …

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cfa uk esg investing certificate beginner s guide orig

CFA ESG Certificate: Our Easy Guide

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought ESG (environmental, social and governance) issues to the forefront of everyone’s minds. ESG matters. And investors and companies around the world are reacting fast to this current situation, pointing to a longer term demand for investment professionals with green finance and responsible investment knowledge. CFA Institute’s ESG Certificate may be a …

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certificate in climate and investing CFA UK

Certificate in Climate and Investing (CCI): A Complete Guide

A recent report by the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has highlighted the urgent need to achieve net zero carbon dioxide emissions globally by 2050 to avoid a catastrophic climate change. This, amongst other factors, has contributed to an increased pressure for investment professionals to act fast and play their part in the transition …

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cesga certified esg analyst

EFFAS’ Certified ESG Analyst (CESGA): Our Epic Guide

ESG investing is one of the big asset management trends, driven by the increasing financial relevance of ESG (environmental, social and governance) factors, better ESG data, growing investor demand and regulatory pressure. This is creating a strong demand not just for portfolio managers – but finance professionals in general – with practical ESG expertise to …

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asset management outlook

2023 Asset Management Outlook: 4 Important Trends That Affect Future Jobs

Worried about your job in the current climate? Instead of worrying, having an insight to what the future may hold for your industry may help alleviate stress on job security and more importantly – help you better prepare for future changes. Since most CFA candidates are interested in an investment management career, our data-driven guide summarizes the latest …

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ESG Materials Review

Kaplan Schweser Launches Certificate in ESG Investing Course (In-Depth Review)

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is a rapidly growing practice within institutional investment, accounting for non-financial factors in financial valuation. Investors are incorporating ESG analyses to gain a fuller and more thorough understanding of companies. In response to growing ESG demand, CFA Institute administers the Certificate in ESG Investing, and now Kaplan Schweser, leading …

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Why Is ESG Important? Which Careers Benefit From It?

Finance careers can be lucrative and open up a wide range of professional opportunities. However, it is also important to realize that specific sectors such as investments are affected by much more than fiscal trends and longitudinal share performance alone. The modern financial community is now placing greater emphasis on other factors in order to …

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