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Weary warriors – hopefully you would have been managing your pre-exam week well and are ready for this to be over! 

Be sure to remember to bring all your things needed for the exam – packing the night before is best, so that you can just grab and go in the morning. I also hope you’ve already sorted out your commute.

For the night before, be sure to go to bed at a good hour. I always tried to get enough sleep as everyone seems to advise, but generally found it impossible – I have never been able to sleep properly before a stressful event. But if you’ve been sleeping properly throughout the week, don’t worry if you can’t sleep well before the exam. Studies have shown that being a few hours sleep deprived for one night shouldn’t affect your results. Doesn’t mean you should cram the last night though – all sleep you can get is crucial, and you don’t want to oversleep. I recommend stopping your revision early-ish (around 9pm latest) and spend some time relaxing. Don’t worry, the information you spent the last months cramming in won’t be falling out in the next 12 hours.

In theatre some performers sneak a peek at the audience before going on stage so that they get less overwhelmed when they burst on stage – if any of you first timers want an overview of how it’s going to be like, here’s a taste of the exam day from 2005 (still surprisingly accurate).

You’re up to the very last bit, and then it’s onward to fully enjoying the summer (or winter for you Southern Hemispherans)! Best of luck, go kick some butt, and I’ll see you on the other side.
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