Upgrade All Your CFA Mock Exams With Our Free Study Track

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Upgrade All Your CFA Mock Exams With Our Free Study Track

Practice is key to passing the CFA exams. But how do we prepare for the chaos, distractions and stress of the actual CFA exam day? After all, sitting for the actual CFA exam is quite different from leisurely completing a mock exam at home.

You can attend invigilated mock exam days – some of our partners offer this. But for your existing mock exams, you can better simulate an exam environment by using our Proctor study track. Read on to find out how!

What is the Proctor Study Track?

​The Proctor Study Track is a 3-hour streamable audio track simulating what candidates hear during an actual CFA exam day, exactly to CFA exam timing. This includes:

  • Pre-exam chatter
  • Pre-exam and starting proctor announcements
  • Exam hall sounds
  • Time calls at specific periods
  • End of exam announcements

How the Proctor Study Track helps your CFA exam preparation

  • Helps you stay on time. Staying on time can be a challenge to some candidates and can seriously affect your exam result. The Proctor track is timed to exactly match the CFA exam’s timing, so when you complete a mock exam with Proctor, you’ll be kept on time automatically.
  • Familiarises you with the announcements you’ll get on CFA exam day. Because announcements on the actual exam day can vary, we’ve worked with CFA Institute to develop the exact wording for the announcements featured in the Proctor track to best prepare you for exam day.
  • Simulates exam-day distractions and stress. The Proctor track is also designed to introduce the inevitable distracting sounds that you’ll hear during your exam day. The overall ambience created by Proctor also brings you a little bit closer to the stress levels that you’ll be experiencing on exam day, better preparing you to remain calm when you’re doing the real thing.

How to best use the Proctor Study Track:

  1. You can stream the Proctor study track and all bonus tracks on the Proctor page.
  2. For the best experience, we recommend that you use earphones or headphones.
  3. Prepare your mock exam, calculator and writing materials – use our checklist to see what you’re allowed to bring to exam day.
  4. When you are ready, play the Proctor track and listen to the invigilator’s instructions.
  5. Finish your mock exam before the final time call.

5 bonus tracks, also tailored to your CFA exam prep

We have also created five other tracks that can help your CFA exam prep. You can also stream all of this from the Proctor page.

  • Hall: Exam hall sounds without time-calls and pesky proctors.
  • Classical: Music specifically curated and dynamically calibrated to focus your studying.
  • Birds: Relaxing forest ambience with summer bird calls, useful for focusing in a quiet environment.
  • Rain: Calming, stormy rain sound effects suitable for blocking out distractions when studying in noisier environments.
  • Cafe: Subtle cafe background sounds for coffee lovers.

Frequently asked questions

  • Did you work with CFA Institute on this? Although this is not officially endorsed, CFA Institute provided consultation to help us with accuracy, especially with invigilator announcements.
  • Is all of this free? It took us an INSANE amount of time to record and edit these tracks for you guys. What do you think? Yes, it’s free.
  • Can I download the tracks? Yes – in the Proctor page, you should be able to see a download link for each of the study tracks.
  • I like the exam hall sounds, but I don’t want a proctor announcing out time and stuff. We’ve created the Exam Hall Study Track specifically for that – it’s got the exam hall sounds without the announcements.
  • Dude, listening to a soundtrack is obviously not the same as attending the actual CFA exam day. We know that. Proctor can’t, and is not meant to create an atmosphere indistinguishable from the actual CFA exam day. But it is an easy, simple way to better create an exam environment at home.

How do you find using our Proctor study track? Let us know in the comments below!


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  1. This post’s main image is an accurate yet depressing outlook on the future of CFA mock exams. Thanks for the tool, will try it out this weekend!


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