cfa investment foundations vs cfa

CFA Investment Foundations vs CFA Program: A Clear Comparison

Did you know that besides the CFA program, CFA Institute also offers a free CFA Investment Foundations program? Many potential candidates get confused between the two qualifications, so we thought it may be helpful to put together a proper comparison guide to help you decide between CFA Investment Foundations vs CFA Program. Let’s dive in! …

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how to get into asset management

How to Get Into Asset Management: 7 Basic Skills You Need

This article is an excerpt from the CFA Institute Career Guide, titled “How Will Future Professionals Land a Job in Investment Management?” A portfolio management career is highly sought after by CFA candidates and can be hard to come by. With so many candidates pursue the relatively few openings, employers can afford to be choosy. To better understand …

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getting laid off

Why Getting Laid Off Was The Best Thing That Happened to My Career

Besides studying, career advice and experiences are also a very important part of exam candidates’ lives. Today, I wanted to share one of the most significant events in my career, and how this changed the entire course of what I ended up doing for a living.  I wanted to convey why I felt that getting …

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why i took the cfa exams a chartered accountant s perspective orig

Why I Took the CFA Exams: A Chartered Accountant’s Perspective

Hey 300H readers, I trust study preparations are going well! Sometimes in the midst of the journey when you’re tired from studying, it pays to reflect back to the time where you made the decision to take on the CFA exams challenge – there is a good reason for all this hard work and it …

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ace your phone interview in 7 simple steps orig

Ace Your Phone Interview in 7 Simple Steps

My first phone interview was a magnificent disaster. I fumbled my own bloody name, couldn’t go through my  work experience without mixing up words, and I forgot the name of who I was speaking to.  Basically, I was ripped to shreds. At the first round, over a phone, by HR. As interviewing is really one …

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title2 orig

4 More Essential Pointers to Getting Yourself Promoted

What would you do to further your career today? We’ve previously written about promotions and gone through 4 tips that will help you pursue your next phase in career development. If you haven’t gone through them, you can read them here. In this post, we go through another 4 tips that may not be as conventional, but …

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want to get promoted heres 8 things that you must know orig

Want to Get Promoted? Here are 8 Things You Must Know

By Christine A main reason many candidates take up the CFA exams is due to career reasons. The CFA program offers a great educational program in finance, and while it’s not an automatic career upgrade, there’s no denying that it is indeed great for a financial career. Keeping our career-focused readers in mind, we recently …

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title orig

4 Essential Pointers to Getting Yourself Promoted

Do you wish you could be promoted sooner? Chances are, you’re not alone. Especially in the finance industry, everyone is in pursuit of advancing their career as quickly as possible. You’ve looked at your company handbook and you think you’re doing everything right, but things aren’t moving quite as you’d hoped. So what’s going wrong? …

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