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CFA Level 1 Portfolio Management: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. It is probably no surprise that portfolio management is the most popular career current CFA candidates are interested in exploring further. Portfolio management is the heart of the CFA program – and they start you light and gentle in Level 1 with a broad …

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CFA Level 1 Alternative Investments: Our Cheat Sheet

Note: this cheat sheet is updated for the latest 2023’s curriculum. Whilst a relatively smaller topic weight in the overall Level 1 exams, CFA Alternative Investments is an important topic career-wise if you work in asset management as it is expected to capture 49% of global asset management revenue by 2024. I personally found this …

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cfa curriculum changes 2023

CFA Curriculum Changes 2023: A Quick Breakdown

Note: This article is for the current 2023 curriculum. For next year’s info, check out our article on 2024 CFA curriculum changes. The new 2023 CFA curriculum is now out for all 3 levels, with 2023 exams already open for registration. With CFA Program’s annual syllabus update, we have checked and compared all the 2023 …

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cfa august 2021 cancelled

CFA August 2021 Cancelled: Latest List of Locations

Here we go again, COVID cases are rising in certain countries and region which necessitates some CFA exam location closures. Here is the complete list of cities where CFA August 2021 exams have partial or full cancellations: Partial closures / Reduced capacity Sydney, Australia Buenos Aires, Argentina London (Ontario), Canada China Beijing Chengdu Dalian Guangzhou …

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frm july 2021 postponed

FRM July 2021 Exams: Some Locations Postponed

GARP has announced the postponement of some FRM July 2021 exams in these locations: Malaysia Russia Thailand Indonesia Oman This is due to the increase in COVID cases and local regulations in these countries. There is currently no news of postponement in India yet, nor an option provided for deferral here. GARP stated that it …

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