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How to Study As A Working Parent: 5 Valuable Tips

Being a working parent is hard enough, but what if you add on the challenge of studying for a finance exam to the mix? Some of us at 300Hours have rambunctious children, so we know parenthood ain’t easy. We also know from speaking to hundreds of CFA candidates who are parents that ‘CFA as a …

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csric chartered sri counselor guide

Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC): Our Useful Guide

The demand for more sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing options is real, even at the retail investor level: Sustainable investing assets now account for $17.1 trillion, or 1/3 of the total US assets under professional management, representing a 42% growth from 2018. Retail and high net worth individuals are increasingly using an ESG (environmental, …

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investment management certificate introduction

Investment Management Certificate (IMC): A Useful Guide

Did you know that in certain situations, the Investment Management Certificate (IMC) can be more suitable than taking on the CFA exams? With over 5,000 exams sat each year, IMC is the most widely-recognised and established qualification of its kind in the UK. The IMC has been used by investment professionals for 25 years, and …

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2022 cfa curriculum changes

2022 CFA Curriculum Changes: Our Super Summary

Note: This article is for the 2022 CFA curriculum. For next year’s info, check out our article on 2023 CFA curriculum changes. CFA Program’s syllabus are revised annually, and the 2022 edition is no different. We have carefully gone through all the 2022 learning outcome statements (LOS) for each level, and compared them to 2020/2021’s, …

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brain food for studying and exams

15 Natural Brain Foods for Studying and Exams

When preparing for my CFA exams years ago, I often wondered if there are brain foods for studying that improved my concentration. This resulted in some experiments and changes in my food intake. And my, what a difference it makes – it’s as if the heavy cloud clogging my brain lifted instantly! My concentration improved …

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CFA online proctored testing (OPT)

CFA Online Proctored Testing (OPT): A Timely Summary

Since the first mention of CFA online proctored testing (OPT) on 12th Jan 2021, CFA Institute has promptly revealed more information about this online proctored exam option in the last few weeks. Here’s a summary of the latest of what we know so far: What is Online Proctored Testing (OPT)? OPT candidates can take exams …

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cfa investment foundations

CFA Investment Foundations Program: A Quick Guide

Note: CFA Institute has announced that Investment Foundations program will stop accepting new registrations on 17 December 2021, with the final exam delivered in mid June 2022. Did you know that CFA Institute has a lesser known, global investment certification that is completely free, fully-online, requiring only 100 hours of study with a relatively high …

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cfa august 2021 cancelled

CFA August 2021 Cancelled: Latest List of Locations

Here we go again, COVID cases are rising in certain countries and region which necessitates some CFA exam location closures. Here is the complete list of cities where CFA August 2021 exams have partial or full cancellations: Partial closures / Reduced capacity Sydney, Australia Buenos Aires, Argentina London (Ontario), Canada China Beijing Chengdu Dalian Guangzhou …

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frm july 2021 postponed

FRM July 2021 Exams: Some Locations Postponed

GARP has announced the postponement of some FRM July 2021 exams in these locations: Malaysia Russia Thailand Indonesia Oman This is due to the increase in COVID cases and local regulations in these countries. There is currently no news of postponement in India yet, nor an option provided for deferral here. GARP stated that it …

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may 2021 frm exams postponed

May 2021 FRM Exams Postponed In More Locations [Updated]

This article is focused on May 2021 FRM exam postponements. For July 2021 FRM exam postponements, check out this article instead. GARP has announced the postponement of May 2021 FRM exams in these locations: India Kuwait Toronto Peru Turkey Vienna Czech Republic Russia Thailand Philippines (Part 2 only) Ireland (Part 2 only) Bahrain (Part 2 …

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