asset management outlook

2022 Asset Management Outlook: 4 Important Trends That Affect Future Jobs

Worried about your job in the current climate? Instead of worrying, having an insight to what the future may hold for your industry may help alleviate stress on job security and more importantly – help you better prepare for future changes. Since most CFA candidates are interested in an investment management career, our data-driven guide summarizes the latest …

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how to manage study with full time job

8 Easy Tips on How To Manage Study With Full Time Job

Most finance exam candidates are studying and working full time. Luckier ones have employers’ support in the form of study leave and exam fees.  What about the rest?  How does one cope with having a demanding job, a family and studying for the exams at the same time? How to manage study with full time job successfully whilst …

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salary negotiation tips

6 Useful Salary Negotiation Tips You Must Know

It’s insane that we’re never taught about negotiations in classes, given how much we actually need it for important milestones in our lives, such as promotion and salary raise discussions. Just like interviewing, networking, or knowing what to do to get the promotion, negotiations are part and parcel of life, especially when managing your career. Practicing and learning …

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CFA exam day schedule computer based exam CBT

9 Insider Tips to Pass CFA Level 2 in 4 Months

Despite more frequent exam slots per year with computer based exams, it still takes 7-8 weeks for CFA Level 1 results to be announced. Combine this with the fact that there needs to be a minimum of ~6 months gap between CFA exams taken, many candidates – in particular CFA Level 2 candidates – find …

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CFA Level 1 Commandments Tips Advice CFA candidates

CFA Level 1 Tips: Top Advice From Previous Candidates

So you’ve finally registered for the CFA exams as a Level 1 candidate. Welcome! Facing the first challenge of your CFA journey can be overwhelming. But you are not alone, because we are here to guide you on what you should do in your CFA Level 1 preparation and help you pass.  Here are our top 10 CFA …

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cfa professional conduct investigation

CFA Professional Conduct Investigation: A Clear Guide

As a CFA candidate, you may have heard occasional horror stories about some candidates being subjected to CFA Professional Conduct investigations due to a misconduct (perceived or actual). To help alleviate your concerns, this article explains: what CFA Institute’s Professional Conduct Program (PCP) is about; how a disciplinary process works; what to do if you’re …

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job search hunt

8 Effective Job Hunting Tips After the Pandemic

The global COVID-19 pandemic has certainly made job search trickier than it already is. If you are looking for a new job during this chaotic period as things start to ease up, here’s a master list of top job hunting tips to maximize your chances of a job offer. Best of luck! How COVID-19 has …

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csric chartered sri counselor guide

Chartered SRI Counselor (CSRIC): Our Useful Guide

The demand for more sustainable, responsible and impact (SRI) investing options is real, even at the retail investor level: Sustainable investing assets now account for $17.1 trillion, or 1/3 of the total US assets under professional management, representing a 42% growth from 2018. Retail and high net worth individuals are increasingly using an ESG (environmental, …

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2022 cfa curriculum changes

2022 CFA Curriculum Changes: Our Super Summary

Note: This article is for the 2022 CFA curriculum. For next year’s info, check out our article on 2023 CFA curriculum changes. CFA Program’s syllabus are revised annually, and the 2022 edition is no different. We have carefully gone through all the 2022 learning outcome statements (LOS) for each level, and compared them to 2020/2021’s, …

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CFA online proctored testing (OPT)

CFA Online Proctored Testing (OPT): A Timely Summary

Since the first mention of CFA online proctored testing (OPT) on 12th Jan 2021, CFA Institute has promptly revealed more information about this online proctored exam option in the last few weeks. Here’s a summary of the latest of what we know so far: What is Online Proctored Testing (OPT)? OPT candidates can take exams …

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