8 Frequently Asked Questions about CFA Results Day June 2014

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By Christine

For our Level I and II readers that took the exams recently – results day is tomorrow!

For some of you, results day may be a day fraught with uncertainty. Not just because of the results, but also because there may be many aspects of results day that you’re unsure of.

That’s why we always put together an FAQ for each results day to help our readers out. Read on, and if you have any additional questions just pop them in the comments!

How do I get my CFA exam results?

CFA Institute will be sending your individual results to your registered inboxes, and results can be accessed online one day after that. Make sure you have the right email address registered with them!

When do I get my CFA exam results?

If you’re a June 2014 CFA Level I or II candidate, your results should be hitting your inbox FROM 9AM US Eastern Time, on the 29th of July 2014.

So I’m getting my results at 9am ET?

No: after 9am ET. 

The CFA Institute will send out the emails sometime after the 9am deadline, which means that between the thousands of emails that need to be generated and sent out, your results may take a few hours after 9am to arrive. Wait patiently (or not so patiently, we know it’s hard!), it’ll come.

When is 9am ET in my time zone?

Here are the times for some other areas of the world that you may be in at the time:

  • PST: 6AM
  • UK: 2PM
  • Europe: 3PM
  • Dubai: 6PM
  • India, Pakistan: 7:30PM
  • China, Singapore: 10PM

Why are the results in categories and not an exact score?

CFA Institute does not release your exact scores, nor give you an indication of the minimum passing score (MPS). The score matrix will look something like this (this is Level II but Level I will be similar):

Can I get an exact score of my CFA exam results estimated somehow?

You can! We have an automated tool that will do this for you. Simply enter your results categories into our Results Analysis Tool and you’ll get a ‘most likely’ estimate of what your score was, plus your theoretical maximum and minimum scores posted directly into your inbox.

This isn’t an official CFA Institute endorsed calculation – this is simply a fun insight if you’d like to look deeper into your results.

You can access the tools via the buttons below by your respective CFA level:

Why are the results always announced on a Tuesday?

Since we started 300 Hours, we’ve always wondered that one. We’ve had quite a few team debates about possible reasons, and finally for this year Zee got an answer from CFA Institute:

Good observation! The background is very practical: Tuesday is an optimal day for our contact center and client service colleagues as they have had enough time to respond to weekend queries and get themselves prepared for the heavy flow of communication accompanying a results release.

So there you have it! (I can sleep in peace now.)

How do I find out more about results and results day?

We’ve written extensively about this – check out these articles and resources:

Good luck!

Hope you get the result you’re looking for on results day! Our entire team will be cheering you on and available to answer questions – just drop them in the comments below. Good luck from all of us!

Zee Tan
Author: Zee Tan


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