FRM Exam Day Checklist: What To Bring To FRM Exams

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So, you’re prepared for the FRM exam.  But are you prepared for the actual day?

Knowing and preparing for the logistics of exam day can make a lot of difference in your exam – you may not even be allowed in, or get your exam invalidated if you haven’t prepared the right items to bring to the exam.

To help you on your way to a smooth-sailing FRM exam day, here are 5 points on our FRM exam day checklist that you must look through before exam day. Best of luck!

Make sure you are allowed in

stop no entry security guard

1. Arrive early.

Doors to the exam are closed at the exact time, and unlike the CFA exam, you will not be admitted in if you are late. GARP recommends that you arrive at least 30 minutes earlier, so plan ahead. You’ll need time to settle down, go through the checks, find a place for your belongings, a quick bathroom break, and assorted other unforeseen bits before your exam.

2. Have your correct exam-approved identification.

For the FRM exam, only a government-issued drivers license or passport will be accepted as identification (ID). Additionally, check these points on your ID to make sure it will be accepted on exam day:

  • Your ID must be original, current, non-expired, valid and include a photograph of you.
  • If you’re using a drivers license, the license must be issued by the same country in which you are taking the exam in.
  • The name on your identification should be an exact match to the name on your exam ticket/confirmation email, i.e. first name, last name, and any middle name or initial. The order of the names is irrelevant so long as all names appear.

3. Print out and bring your FRM confirmation of appointment email.

You will need this printed to gain entry on the day of your exam. No printed confirmation email, no entry.

Electronic versions will NOT be accepted, and please do not write on the front or back of the admission ticket before or during the exam.

If a FRM candidate arrives at the exam without bringing these 2 items as per the above requirements, they will not be allowed to sit or reschedule their exam, and the exam fee would be forfeited.

FRM calculators: here’s what you can and cannot bring to the FRM exam

Your 5-Point Exam-Day Checklist for FRM Exam Day 2

4. Bring the correct FRM-approved calculator.

Only these calculators can be used for the FRM exam:

Again, there are no exceptions. If you use a non-authorized calculator at any time during the exam, your answer sheets will not be graded.

Only 3 things are allowed in the exam room: your passport/drivers license, printed confirmation of the exam appointment email and a FRM-approved calculator.

Candidates are encouraged to make sure their calculators have full battery to avoid the need for battery replacement or a second calculator.

FRM exam day checklist – other items

packing bag getting ready

5. Know what to pack for exam day. 

There’s no need to bring pens, pencils or any other writing tools. You’ll be provided with scratch papers and pencils by GARP for the FRM exam.

No personal belongings are allowed in the exam room. All your personal belongings are kept in a locker, storage bag, or an area designated for personal belongings.

If a candidate stores his/her items in a storage bag, the storage bag will be attached to the back of the candidate’s chair in the exam room. That said, regardless where your items are stored, candidates cannot access their personal belongings any time during the exam.

All clocks, watches, electronic devices, and wearable technology (including FitBits and Google glasses) are considered personal belongings and must be stored away with no access to them during the exam.

Mobile phones must be completely switched off, and not in Airplane mode. This is important because if a phone emits any type of noise during the exam (ring or beep), that candidate cannot continue with his/her exam and will be escorted out of the exam room. This rule applies even when the mobile phone is outside the exam room, e.g. in locker or designated personal belongings area.

Good luck for your FRM exam! If you have any questions? Drop them in the comments below!

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